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ClassPass - Finding Product Market Fit
Read this case study to understand the need to spend your time and resources figuring out what your customer want, and how you can affect a behavioural change to ultimately solve the problem you set out on. It's a long read, but in the end it will be all worth it.
Early Stage
Early Stage
Morning Brew - User Retention
This story introspects the design aspects behind MorningBrew’s newsletter. Be it content marketing, or building your newsletter ground up, this study covers all the key elements. As brownie points, also learn psychology principles and how it impacts the user experience.
Early Stage
Early Stage
Slack - Initial Launch Strategy
In this gripping interview, Steward Butterfield, CEO of Slack, explains the importance of prioritizing your product’s unique features, knowing the metrics you are chasing, and shares tips to become essential to your customers right away.
Early Stage
Early Stage
Superhuman - Finding PMF
In this compelling, and widely shared articles, Rahul Vohra, the CEO of Superhuman, takes you on a journey where he redefines what PMF means, provides a framework to objectively measure it, and dives into his first hand experience of finding a PMF.
Early Stage
Early Stage
Trulia - Marketplace Launch Problem
Pete Flint, founder CEO of Trulia, explains his journey on hacking the supply side, fortifying supply-side & demand-side defensibility, and monetising the platform. Read on to understand the challenges that a marketplace company faces, and how to navigate through them.
Early Stage
Early Stage
Thrive - Content Marketing
Thrive claims a competency in “content as marketing and marketing as content”. Here, the company’s CEO talks about their 'content-fueled' growth, and how they utilised influencer marketing, brand content, direct response marketing to act in their favour.
Survermonkey - Global Expansion
Seline Tobaccowala shares the steps startups should take to achieve who want to expand globally. She explores all the bullets you need to tick spanning across design & marketing, cookie-based A/B testing, pricing, payments and data storage.
Strava - Solving For Motivation
Chris, PM at Strava, talks about how they use a fine balance of user research and data in the onboarding process; importance of communicating strategy to the team; and how he uses A/B testing to constantly derive insights that defy traditional logic.
Patreon - Doubling Onboarding
In this brilliant case study, Brian Balfour sits down with Tal Raviv, Growth PM @ Patreon to extensively explain the journey of building a product starting right from achieving business goals to user insights to experimentations, and finally achieving the required growth.
Medium - The 'Highlights' Story
Nick, the PM for the Highlights feature at Medium, explains how they identified the need for a tool like Highlights, and the technical challenges they faced. The post leaves you with 3 key lessons that PMs should take away. Must-read for all the junior-to-mid-level PMs.
Lumosity - The Power of Complexity
In this read, study how did Lumosity counterintuitively introduced friction in the sign-up process to make it more complex, and how it worked for them. Discover how to find a fine balance between ease and complexity while building your product features.
Ipsy - Leveraging Influencer Growth
Ipsy, a beauty company, extensively relies on influencer-driven content marketing. This insightful case study digs into how Ipsy scaled it while keeping it affordable. It talks about everything from sourcing influencers, mentoring them, and their compensation.
Utilizing Engineering Talent
Marty Cagan deep dives into how strong product teams utilize their engineering talent to build pathbreaking products. He shares stories of 5 well-known 'engineering inspired' products, and puts forth his 6 key learnings to leverage strong engineers on your team.
Late Stage
Tinder - Customer Conversion
Fun fact: Tinder converts 8% of its users(singles) within the first 15 minutes. Wow! Now that’s amazing and I am sure you must be tempted to click on that link now. Checkout this case study that breaks down Tinder's app. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.
Late Stage
StichFix - Customer Personalisation
“We are in the business of personalisation” - claims Stitch Fix’s CEO. This case study dives into a) how personalisation is used to enhance the product experience, and b) how user pyschology, and “reverse friction” maximises monetisation on subscription users.
Late Stage
Radical Product Upgrades
If you have ever tried to bring a big product change, you know how incredibly difficult it is. This story perfectly explains this challenge and how Paul Rosanio overcame it to launch radical product changes such as recommended feed at Twitter, and Do Not Disturb at Slack.
Late Stage
Pinterest - Boosting Retention
Casey Winters discusses his journey of boosting retention at Pinterest. “Rather than merely bringing more people to the product, companies should focus more on fixing the friction deep inside the product that’s preventing people from connecting to its core value.”
Late Stage
Dropbox - Product Development
In this case study, Tido Carreiro shares the power of a hybrid product development process and the actions young companies can take to navigate it well. He mentions, it’s fine to take a top-down or bottom-up approach sometimes, but balance is necessary.
Late Stage
Behind Every Great Product
Recounting the chronicles behind 6 products that have dramatically changed the world around us, Marty Cagan creatively unpacks how the Product Managers behind them were able to overcome the hurdles to craft these products. Highly suggested to get 'Inspired'.
Late Stage
AirBnB - Reducing Customer Churn
Every PM aims to minimise their customer churn, but how do you do it? Read this case study on AirBnB, and how it reduces churn through personalisation. Use this case study to enhance your understanding of user psychology, and design principles.
Late Stage

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