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Curated roadmap and resources to help get started and upskill in Product Management - for free!

We’ve divided into a structure that you might find useful:

The Absolute Basics
To help understand what Product Management is all about and whether it is for you.
The Core
Once you decide (or if you’re already on your PM journey) - here’s a set that really kicks into the what, why, and most importantly the how.
The Practice
Best practices anyone? Learn from the best on the do’s and don'ts and dig deeper into the ‘how’ of Product Management.
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Will I become a Product Manager if I read just this? Short answer: No.

Long answer: We believe as a PM it’s important to know the basics and frameworks that’ll help, but it’s equally important or even more to get your hands dirty. This is our attempt to put together the best content online in a structured format to help you while you look to transition or while you’re on the job but want to look for an inspiration.

What is this all about?

Well, this started off from a post we wrote last year on the best APM/ RPM programs and our mailbox was flooded with ‘how do I transition’ - ‘can you help me a mock’ - ‘can you review my resume’ we did try our best, but here’s an attempt to open it up.

In our opinion, there’s tons of very useful information from the very best in this field and this first version is about putting together all those articles and videos we saved up to a larger audience in a format we thought might be useful. Feel free to share resources you find useful - happy to add them in with a due credit on the upcoming ‘contributors’ page

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Case Studies

AirBnB - Reducing Customer Churn
Every PM aims to minimise their customer churn, but how do you do it? Read this case study on AirBnB, and how it reduces churn through personalisation. Use this case study to enhance your understanding of user psychology, and design principles.
Late Stage
Behind Every Great Product
Recounting the chronicles behind 6 products that have dramatically changed the world around us, Marty Cagan creatively unpacks how the Product Managers behind them were able to overcome the hurdles to craft these products. Highly suggested to get 'Inspired'.
Late Stage
ClassPass - Finding Product Market Fit
Read this case study to understand the need to spend your time and resources figuring out what your customer want, and how you can affect a behavioural change to ultimately solve the problem you set out on. It's a long read, but in the end it will be all worth it.
Early Stage
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Product Aspirants ❤ Learn PM

The Product Folks have curated a very focused set of essentials for students and professionals interested in getting started with foundations of product management. Highly recommend this 101 collection to kickstart your learning journey.
Learn PM has been one stop place for all tractions regarding my PM journey, from starting stage to the problems that you face while you are doing your job, it's been a solution to all. Amazing work by folks who put it all together, thank you!
I was looking for resources on Product Management to up my game and improve in my career. The Product Folks curated resources on PM is made so simple that now I can binge read, grasp and understand pretty mush most of the things in Product Management without having to endlessly search for good resources.

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