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Emerging Trends in Product Management

Explore value adding opportunities, product basics and trends in PM

1. Identifying The Opportunities That Create Value
2. Fundamentals of Product Management
3. Overview of the current product management landscape
4. Exploring emerging technologies/trends

Customer-Centric Discovery Methods

Learn from successful case studies, understand user persona, customer needs and much more

1. Understanding customer needs
2. Exploration of ethnographic studies, JTBD Framework, and advanced personas
3. Leveraging Customer Advisory Boards for continuous feedback
4. Successful discovery methodologies case studies

Mastering Prototyping and Experimentation

Master A/B testing, hands-on experiments, and advanced prototyping for real-world feedback

1. What’s A/B testing?
2. Hands-on / live view of running an experiment
3. Monitoring results from experiments 
4. Advanced prototyping tools and techniques
5. Live experimentation and feedback using real-world examples

Planning Products in a New Way

Innovate product planning with agile methodologies, OKRs, Lean Canvas, and value mapping.

1. Evolving methodologies in agile product planning
2. Implementation of OKRs, Lean Product Canvas, Prioritization etc
3. Value Stream Mapping for Efficient Product Teams
4. Agile simulation exercise for practical understanding

Product Launch Strategies

Optimize launches through strategic positioning, messaging, packaging, viral tactics, and global collaboration.

1. Product Positioning, Messaging, Packaging
2. Innovations in product launch strategies
3. Tactics for creating viral product launches and growth hacking
4. Collaborative launch planning tools and considerations for international launches

Mastering Product Analytics and Metrics

Master post-launch insights with KPIs, OKRs, NSM, cohort analysis, and predictive analytics.

1. What happens after a launch?
2. Understanding KPIs, OKRs, and NSM
3. Advancements in product analytics for better decision-making
4. Cohort analysis, predictive analytics, and Google Analytics
5. Live data analysis using real product data

Working with People and Stakeholders

Excel in stakeholder management, cross-functional collaboration, and propel in your PM career growth.

1. Stakeholder Management, working with cross-functional teams
2. How to grow in your PM Career
3. Cross-functional collab: Product Marketing, Tech, Design, CS, Sales

Tech for PMs

Grasp internet workings, tech stack, APIs, No-Code tools, and SQL.

1. Understanding how the internet works and the tech stack for PMs
2. Understanding Application Programming Interface, and additional technology
3. Using No-Code tools & technologies
4. SQL for PMs

Navigating Product Roles & Industry Insights

Explore senior product leadership, career journeys, portfolio crafting, entry strategies, and industry insights

1. Building leadership skills for senior product roles
2. Fireside chat on personal career journeys of product leaders
3. Crafting an impactful product management portfolio
4. PM Exercises for cracking your first PM role
5. Discussion on current industry trends and future predictions

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Week 1: Unlocking Your Product Potential

Decode the Product Landscape - Trends, Tools, and Technologies Shaping the Future

Disrupting the Norm: Identifying high-impact product opportunities in emerging trends (AI, Blockchain, etc.)

Mastering the PM Toolbox: Deep dive into essential frameworks and methodologies (JTBD, Rapid Prototyping)

Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging analytics and experimentation for continuous product improvement

Building Products People Love - Customer-Centricity at its Core

Deep Dive into User Research: Mastering advanced techniques like ethnographic studies and JTBD frameworks

Creating Personas that Speak: Building actionable user profiles for targeted product development

Customer Advisory Boards: Establishing a feedback loop for continuous product evolution

Week 2: From Vision to Reality - Building Winning Product Strategies

Roadmaps Reimagined - Agile Planning for Dynamic Environments

Beyond the Waterfall: Implementing OKRs, Lean Canvas, and prioritization frameworks for flexible product roadmaps

Value Stream Mapping: Optimizing your product development process for maximum efficiency

Agile Simulation: Experiential learning through hands-on product planning scenarios

Growth Strategies Unleashed - Building Products that Scale

Product-Led Growth Masterclass: Designing products that drive organic user acquisition and retention

Case Studies in PLG Success: Analyzing real-world examples of explosive product growth

Community Building for Growth: Leveraging the power of communities for brand advocacy and engagement

Week 3: Launch Like a Pro - Mastering the Art of Product Introduction

Positioning, Messaging, and Packaging - Your Product's Winning Formula

Differentiation is Key: Identifying and communicating your product's unique value proposition for market dominance

Innovation in Launch Strategies: Exploring unconventional approaches to capture attention and drive adoption

Product Marketing Blueprint: A step-by-step guide to crafting a winning launch strategy

Data-Driven Growth Hacking - Optimizing for Results

Metrics Mastery: Demystifying KPIs, OKRs, and NSM for data-backed decision-making

Advanced Product Analytics: Leveraging cohort analysis, predictive models, and Google Analytics for growth insights

Live Data Analysis Lab: Hands-on experience with real product data for actionable insights

Week 4: Elevate Your Career - From Product Manager to Product Leader

Mastering the Soft Skills - Building Relationships and Leading Effectively

Stakeholder Symphony: Communication and collaboration strategies for cross-functional teams (design, engineering, sales)

Building Your PM Brand: Crafting a compelling narrative for career advancement

Leadership Essentials: Developing the skills and mindset to lead high-performing product teams

Tech-Savvy PM - Understanding the Tools that Power the Product World

Demystifying the Tech Stack: Unveiling the essential technologies and infrastructure behind successful products

No-Code Revolution: Embracing the power of automation and citizen development for rapid product iteration

SQL for PMs: Extracting insights from data for informed decision-making

Navigating the Product Landscape - Career Insights and Networking

Cracking the Code: Mock interview sessions and PM exercises to prepare for your dream job

Building Your Product Portfolio: Showcasing your skills and achievements for impactful career growth

Fireside Chats with Product Leaders: Gaining insights from industry veterans and charting your path to success

Networking Strategies for PMs: Building lasting connections and fostering a supportive community

Why you should enroll?

Following are the course outcomes that you will achieve at the end of the course:

When, what and how? Learn from Industry Experts on what the best frameworks are, when to adopt them and how to pave the path to success.
We won’t let you hanging with just theory, jump in and get your hands dirty to sculpt your own GTM and Monetization Strategies!
User trends, feedback and optimization are key to any Product and hence the final milestone cover Quantification and Optimize based on user Response.

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This course has been curated for outperforming individuals who love taking up new challenges and solve problems. You will be a good fit if:

You have relevant experience in other fields and are looking to upskill to Product Management.
You have landed your dream Product Manager Job but do not know where to start and looking for a peer group & PM know how to crush this new role
You're a Product Manager who is looking for a like-minded community of passionate folks, build a network and grow!
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Fill your details on this page and keep a look at your inbox as we send you an email with further details. That's everything needed from your end for registration. Upon selection, you'll receive a confirmation email before the cohort starts in January.

How much does this course cost?

We are a volunteer-driven community of like-minded individuals connected with the shared vision of helping people progress in their PM career. We have set the price for our this program as Rs 0.

What access do I get as a participant?

As a participant you get access to:

4-week teaching program & curriculum from the phenomenal industry experts. Engagement activities like breakout sessions, icebreakers, group case studies, mock interview sessions & much more.
A close knit community of talented individuals to grow and learn together.
Build deep meaningful relationships with exceptional individuals from different backgrounds.
Access to the entire TPF ecosystem: Grab Chai, Product Teardowns, Learn PM & much more.
How much time do I need to commit every week?

Our curriculum is part-time friendly, so you are expected to spend 4-5 hours per week but the more time you will spend in networking & engaging, the more you will gain.

Is there a job guarantee after this course?

The curriculum, mentors, and community has been curated to give you the best product management training for your career. We can't guarantee a job but we give you access to mockup interview sessions, case study sessions, a curated job board, to confidently apply and land your next dream PM job.

Will I get a certificate after completing?

Once you finish the assessment, we'll send a certificate that you can showcase to potential employers and share on LinkedIn. We've also partnered with ISB Executive Education where you can enrol for a Product Management certification and get certified from India's top B-School. 

Is this course remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for remote audience including, events, icebreaking activities and classes.

How long will I have access to community & course material?

You get lifetime access to the community. The course material will be offered to attendees and assignment completors.