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Practical learnings from Product Leaders who've been there, done that!

Lenny Rachitsky

Ex-Product Lead

Anuj Rathi

SVP, Revenue & Growth

Taruna Manchanda

Sr. Product Manager

Sean Ellis

Author, Hacking Growth

John Cutler

Head of Product Education

Kirti Varun Avasarala

Chief Product Officer

Diego Granados

Sr. Product Manager

Apoorva Bhandari

Associate Director-Product

Riti Malhotra

Principal Product Manager

Ankur Gattani

VP, Growth

Veronica Chen

Customer Success

Mikey Alon

CTO and Founder

Abhisha Shrivastava

Associate Director Growth,

Peter Dolanjski

Director of Product,

Priya Sankaralingam

Senior Director PM,

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What Will You Learn?

Build a career in Product Management with our experiential curriculum. Get access to expert speakers, office hours, and our session library full of curated content.

Product Management: Skills & Career Ladder

Get a complete understanding of how Product Managers work, their skills & career ladder right from the beginning till the end.

This session will teach you about different types of PMs, analyze where you are currently & what type of PM you want to become.

1. First Principle thinking as a Product Manager
2. Types of Product Manager
3. What kind of Product Manager are you currently?
4. Product Manager Career Ladder
5. Product Leader vs Product Manager

How to better document product requirements & insights

As a PM, it's a superpower of sorts to know the scope and spec your product really well. Learn how to build an effective PRD through this session.

1. The 4 W's of PRD - what, why, who, when?
2. What are the must-have components of a PRD?
3. Steps to building a great PRD

Automating High-Quality User Engagement

Learn how to close the bridge between marketing and product using automation

1. Automation 101
2. Impact of contextual nudges on conversion / engagement / retention
3. Making the most of all available channels
4. Real-Time Interventions based on User Behavior
5. When do you cross over to being spammy

Product strategy (problems to solve + initiatives at the product team to solve those problems)

Create efficient and realistic product roadmaps as a result of product strategy. Learn how to devise product strategy through data-driven decision-making.

1. How to draw data-driven insights?
2. Understand how data insights feed into a strong product roadmap
3. Define a product strategy that aligns and ensures last mile execution of your business goals

User Research

Learn how to Identify the real needs of the users while building the product

1. Why is user research important?
2. How to integrate user research with product
3. User research methodologies and processes

Product Led Growth

Learn the Growth tactics that can help you grow your product into a powerful growth engine

1. Allowing users to experience the product without being bounded to high-touch sales resources.
2. Optimizing the Trial Experience

Growth Strategy

This session will help you run experiments and move the needle until you’ve optimized the numbers. Learn how to take your product from 0 to 1 to 100!

1. Understanding how a product can grow exponentially
2. How to run experiments and validate hypothesis to understand more about your users?
3. How to find user's motivations and optimize those triggers

Communication and storytelling as a PM

Uplevel your communication game, touted as the #1 skill to rocketship your PM career

1. Why communication is a PM game changer
2. How to make your narrative work in different organization types
3. Master communication to master product strategy

Problem-Solving through Design

Learn how to approach complex user flows, solve user needs and create easy-to-use products with the help of design.

1. Understand the role product design plays in problem-solving
2. How to approach complex user flows?
3. Role of design in being an empathetic Product Manager

Hacking Growth

Learn how to achieve breakout results by building a culture of continuous experimentation. It addresses four levers of growth: acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization.

1. Identify The Growth Levers Of Your Business
2. Learn & Adapt Using The Growth Hacking Cycle

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I was a part of Insurjo 21, and I think the favourite part of mine was starting to build a PRD from scratch. The most helpful was meeting so many amazing PMs, office hours, AMAs etc. One such AMA helped me land my current job, which I genuinely love. Forever grateful to both TPF and Insurjo.

Arpit Raj

Insurjo helped me bag several product management opportunities in only my third year of Engineering. It helped me nail my basics and fundamentals as a PM. Insurjo is a must attend for everyone who wants to learn-network-grow with the most talented folks out there.

Naman Aggarwal

I joined The Product Folks looking for PM roles, but I found a community that takes everyone together and celebrates growth, learnings, skills and exploration. Everyone at TPF is a hustler who cares about the end users and the product.

Vibhooti Chauhan

I could build a base in Product all because of my experience in TPF & Insurjo. It helped me make the right connections and being the biggest community of PM, gave me the confidence I needed.

Sajal Bansal

Have Questions about Insurjo?

Who can apply for this course?

This course has been curated for outperforming individuals who love taking up new challenges and solve problems. You will be a good fit if:

You have relevant experience and is looking to break into Product Management.
You are a superstar student/fresher is looking to understand the role and how to execute Product Management frameworks on your next job.
You have landed your dream Product Manager Job but do not know where to start and looking for a peer group & PM know how to crush this new role
You're a Product Manager who is looking for a like-minded community of passionate folks, build a network and grow!
You are a founder looking to learn the science behind product management or hire product managers for your team.
What is the application process?

Fill your details on this page and keep a look at your inbox as we send you an email with a form to complete your application. That's everything needed from your end for registration. Upon selection, you'll receive a confirmation email before the cohort starts on 10th September

How much does this course cost?

We are a volunteer-driven community of like-minded individuals connected with the shared vision of helping people progress in their PM career. We have set the price for our this program as Rs 0

What do I get access to as a participant?

As a participant you get access to:

4-week teaching program & curriculum from the phenomenal industry experts. Engagement activities like breakout sessions, icebreakers, group case studies, Mock interview sessions.
A close knit community of talented individuals to grow and learn together.
Build deep meaningful relationships with exceptional individuals from different backgrounds.
Access to the entire TPF ecosystem: Grab Chai, Product Teardowns, Learn PM & much more.
How much time do I need to commit every week?

Our curriculum is part-time friendly, so you are expected to spend 4-5 hours per week but the more time you will spend in networking & engaging, the more you will gain.

Is there a job guarantee after this course?

The curriculum, mentors, and community has been curated to give you the best product management training for your career. We can't guarantee a job but we give you access to mockup interview sessions, case study sessions, a curated job board, to confidently apply and land your next dream PM job.

Will I get a certificate after completing?

Once you finish the assessment, we'll send a certificate that you can showcase to potential employers and share on LinkedIn.

Is this course remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for remote audience including, events, icebreaking activities and classes.

How long will I have access to community & course material?

You get lifetime access to community and course material.