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Product Management 101: The What, The Why, The How

Get started with your 8 week program with an introduction to Product Management, and familiarize yourself with the Insurjo method of getting the best out of the program.

1. Product Management 101
2. Types of product managers
3. Building a product team
4. Defining product goals
5. Responsibilities of a Product Manager.


1. Product idea pitches,
2. Writing a vision for your idea pitch
3. Defining OKRs for the product 

User Research & Customer discovery: Figuring What to Build

Learn how to explore the market for product opportunities, and align your hypothesis to customer problems

1. Learn how to access the market for product opportunities
2. Finding the right problem to solve
3. Defining key personas for your product and conducting customer interviews to validate the hypothesis you have set for the problems your product will solve.
4. Also, learn how to translate these into a market research document with competitive analysis.


1. Writing a market research document
2. Competitive analysis document 

Design & User Experience: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Clearly define and design your product ideas from MVP to the Northstar, learning new design tools and validating your design through a UX design process.

1. Building design and user experience goals
2. Wireframes and high fidelity prototypes
3. Learn how to apply analytics to the products
4. Defining success and measure results.


1. Product presentation for the business idea with wireframes and mock ups.

Product Development Process: Tech for PMs

Solving ambiguous problems requires defining clear goals and priorities. We’ll cover these core PM competencies, along with soft skills like building a team, and working with multiple disciplines.

1. Defining clear product requirements and relevant success metrics
2. Converting it into a product requirement document
3. Learn about Product development lifecycle
4. Agile and Waterfall Methodology
5. Managing cross-team dependencies.


1. Product requirement document
2. Product roadmap

GTM & Product Release: Getting To The Right Users

Learn how to market and launch your product, and convey the goals to your customers. The job of a PM is only half complete after a product release, as it’s essential to track the success of the product and define the subsequent versions.

1. Experimentation to test performance of the designs
2. Releasing the final version of the product
3. Converting metrics into requirements for follow up versions of the product
4. Writing press releases and documentation


1. Product release documentation for your product
2. Business status update document 

Growth & Analytics: Measuring What Matters

Learn how to apply analytics to the products, defining success and measure results. Being guided by data and combining it with your intuition will help you build better products.

1. How to choose metrics for your feature/product
2. Common metrics and defining KPIs and OKRs
3. How to analyze, understand, and use analytics to help guide new feature development

Storytelling & Soft-skills for PMs: Putting It All Together

Product Managers are the spokesperson for the product, so you need to be able to clearly communicate your product vision and strategy to the team. Learn how to use storytelling as a strategic tool to communicate with stakeholders.

1. Product managers rely on their ability to tell a good story when communicating about a product with internal teams
2. Upper management and external customers
3. Learn the framework to apply storytelling in product strategy.

Cracking Interviews: Getting Hired as a PM

After you finish learning everything you need to become a product manager, this is the icing on the cake. Learn the art of cracking PM interviews and get into your favourite product companies.

1. Build your resume for success
2. Get insights into how the hiring process works
3. Practice interview preparation and land your dream product role

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We've built our careers by resources and goodwill of people who've openly shared what they've learned. To amplify it further and create a huge impact, it's only fair if we use our network to offer a program that anyone, anywhere can access without any barriers.


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If you are looking to kickstart your career in the Product Management field or make a switch, then Insurjo is the best place to do it. One of the best APM Programs I have come across. Do register for the next cohort!

This program has a broad coverage from topics that are helpful and relevant in the product career. If you are looking to break into product management, this is just the best place to start :)

TPF was very helpful in my journey to become a PM. I started watching TPF YouTube videos to understand the basics. From there, I participated in couple of product tear down events, getting hands on action on product. It is amazing when all of the resources are FREE and all one needs is to dive into the resources available.

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Have Questions about Insurjo?

Who can apply for this course?

This course has been curated for outperforming individuals who love taking up new challenges and solve problems. You will be a good fit if:

You have relevant experience and is looking to break into Product Management.
You are a superstar student/fresher is looking to understand the role and how to execute Product Management frameworks on your next job.
You have landed your dream Product Manager Job but do not know where to start and looking for a peer group & PM know how to crush this new role
You are a Product Manager who is looking for a community of think alike, build a network and be a mentor to other mentors
You are a founder looking to learn the science behind product management or hire product managers for your team.
What is the application process?

Fill your name and email on this page so we register your interest, we'll send you an email with the complete details along with a form to complete your application. That's everything needed from your end and we start the program on August 1st, 2021.

How much does this course cost?

We are a volunteer-driven community of like-minded individuals connected with the shared vision of helping people progress in their PM career. We have set the price for our first program as Rs 0

What do I get access to as a participant?

As a participant you get access to:

8-week teaching program & curriculum from the phenomenal industry experts. Engagement activities like breakout sessions, icebreakers, group case studies, Mock interview sessions.
A close knit community of talented individuals to grow and learn together.
Build deep meaningful relationships with exceptional individuals from different backgrounds.
Access to the entire TPF ecosystem: Grab Chai, Product Teardowns, Learn PM & much more.
How much time do I need to commit every week?

Our curriculum is part-time friendly, so you are expected to spend 4-5 hours per week but the more time you will spend in networking & engaging, the more you will gain.

Is there a job guarantee after this course?

The curriculum, mentors, and community has been curated to give you the best product management training for your career. We can't guarantee a job but we give you access to mockup interview sessions, case study sessions, a curated job board, to confidently apply and land your next dream PM job.

Will I get a certificate after completing?

Once you finish the assessment, we'll send a certificate that you can showcase to potential employers and share on LinkedIn.

Is this course remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for remote audience including, events, icebreaking activities and classes.

How long will I have access to community & course material?

You get lifetime access to community and course material.