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About Descope:

Descope is your ultimate tool for easy customer authentication and identity management. It's designed for app builders who want to effortlessly add features like login, signup, multi-factor authentication (MFA), progressive profiling, and user management. With Descope, you can create these elements using simple, no-code or low-code workflows. It's already helping thousands of developers and hundreds of companies to enhance user experiences with passwordless authentication, level up to enterprise standards with SSO and MFA, and get a complete view of their customer's journey.

Learn More About Descope with These Resources:

Descope Insurjo landing page:


Flows tutorial:

Descope Explorer (to demo your onboarding screens if needed):

If you've got questions, join the conversation in the Insurjo Slack community. For more direct support, hop into Descope’s Slack community and check out #ask-a-descoper.

General Instructions for the hackathon:

  1. Choose Your Challenge: In this edition, we present two intriguing problem statements. You have the freedom to select either one and submit your case study.
  2. Demo Day: Get ready for an incredible Demo Day experience! Both problem statements will be combined into a single event, and we will select the top 5 decks to present their case study followed by QnA.
  3. Stay Informed: Stay in the loop by following the updates we send via email and joining our dedicated Insurjo WhatsApp group. Don't miss out on any important information!
  4. Team up: Choose a team of maximum 2 people or participate solo.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at

Objective of the Hackathon

  • Generate creative solutions for enhancing product onboarding.
  • Explore the integration of Descope’s no-code workflows in optimizing onboarding processes.
  • Foster collaboration between product managers, designers, and developers in creating user-centric onboarding solutions.

Problem Statements

User onboarding can make or break an app. Adding too much cognitive load during onboarding can lead to drop-off and harm retention. Not paying attention to account security can cause serious damage in the form of bot attacks and identity fraud.

Your objective in this hackathon is to create a frictionless, secure, and personalized user onboarding experience for either / both of the following apps:

Application 1: EdFinTech

CollEdge is a two-sided discovery platform that connects undergraduate and graduate students  searching for the ideal college as well as looking for financial aid. The app’s stakeholders are:

  • Students (B2C), who can access one of two portals to discover and apply to colleges and student loan offerings respectively.
  • College admins (B2B), who can list their schools and process incoming student applications.
  • Financial lender organizations (B2B), who can list loan offerings and process incoming student loan applications.

Your challenge: Create a personalized onboarding experience for each of the three stakeholders with a focus on the signup, login, and registration process.


Application 2: Online retail

TrendTreasure is a digital shopping platform that connects shoppers with individual and small business sellers of novelty items. The app’s stakeholders are:

  • Shoppers (B2C), who can explore the app to find trending items, search for specific stores and sellers, and filter across types of items.
  • Store owners (B2B / B2C), who can be either individual sellers or businesses, can set up digital storefronts, list products, and respond to customer support queries about their listed items.
  • Logistics partners (B2B) who can partner with store owners to provide shipping and delivery options on listed items, and respond to customer support queries about shipping and delivery.

Your challenge: Create a personalized onboarding experience for each of the three stakeholders with a focus on signup, login, and registration processes.

Your submission

Your presentation should contain:

  • Wireframes of the onboarding screens for the three types of users for the app you pick (assume both apps are web apps).
  • Rationale for the authentication methods chosen with respect to user experience and security.
  • Suggested metrics to measure onboarding success for each type of user.

Evaluation criteria

  • Creativity: Originality of your onboarding solution and how effectively you use authentication methods and progressive profiling for both B2B and B2C users.
  • User experience: The quality of user interaction with your solution, taking into account the balance between data collection and user comfort.
  • Privacy & security: Compliance with data privacy regulations and best practices in handling user data.
  • Presentation: Clear and coherent presentation of the onboarding flow’s benefits and potential drawbacks for different users.

Use of Descope is optional in the completion of this hackathon, but we think any participants that have developer roots will especially have a good time trying out Descope! The section below links to some resources if you want to use Descope in the hackathon.


Ideation & Development: 20th to 25th Feb

Slack AMA: 25th Feb

Deck submission: 1st March

Announcement of winners: 6th March

Deck day: 11th March

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