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We have curated tons of resources & our own courses to not only help you learn, but also get the right opportunities to kickstart your product career.

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Learn via live 101 courses to build your foundation of Product Management and get started in your journey

Product Management : Intermediate

36 Lessons

It has the best lessons from seasoned Product Leaders to help you learn the most essential skills & grow in your Product career

Product Analytics 101

18 Lessons

Level Up Your Analytics Game. Ace yourself as a PM with real life Product Analytics. Learn via live sessions, completely free

Product Led Growth

18 Lessons

Learn how to position product as the primary driver of growth for your company via live sessions, real-life case studies from industry experts

Advanced Courses

Small cohort-based courses for folks who want to get to the next level in their Product journeys

Product Design for PMs

7 Mentors
6 Weeks

Build world-class products and improve collaborations with designers by learning to speak the language of design

No-code for Product Managers

6 Mentors
5 Weeks

Waiting to turn your ideas into apps? Learn from the best no-code makers to create your own app in 5 weeks

Curated Product Resources

100+ Resources  |  20+ Case Studies  |  20+ Hours

Learn Product Management

Find the best Product Management resources on the internet via our dedicated learning platform, completely free of cost. Curated roadmap and resources to help get started and upskill in Product Management.
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Product Superstories Ebook

Product Superstories By Product Superhumans

Most asked questions asked by experts working at Amazon, Microsoft,, Razorpay and more
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200+ Events  |  30k+ Product Enthusiasts  |  100+ Speakers

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Masterclasses, workshops, founder stories and much more to help you grow and upskill in the Product space. Over 30,000+ product enthusiasts have attended our events so far. Come, join us for the next one!
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