No-code for
Product Folks

Waiting to turn your ideas into apps?
Learn from the best no-code makers to create your own app in 5 weeks.

Only 30 slots

Next cohort starts 14th November

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Why should I learn no-code as a PM?

To turn your features into ideas which are demonstrable to a larger audience
To create low-maintenance internal wikis & free up your time
To plug dashboards & enable stakeholders with relevant info at the tip of their fingers
To onboard new team members onto your product world faster

Here’s to your best

5 Weeks

curated for you to deep dive into the design world

Week 1

Kick-off event

• Network & get to know your cohort

• Set your goals and define the problem

• Introduction to tools
Week 2

Deep dive into the tools

• Choose your no-code tool(s) right

• Hands-on workshops on tools like Glide, Softr, Bildr
Week 3

Build the basics right

• Create and build your app

• Learn from the best no-code makers

• Co-building & early feedback sessions
Week 4

Feedback & tuning

• Test your apps with experts and customers

• Co-building & final iterations

• GTM for your app - Twitter, ProductHunt
Week 5

Launch & demo

• Cohort & TPF community demo

• Launch your app!

• Retrospective
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Learn from the best in the industry

Michael Novotny

Product Manager, PGA Tour

Louis Periera

Built ReadSomethingGreat

Vensy Krishna

Notion Ambassador

Manan Mehta

Glide Certified Expert

Dan Parry

Built Voyage, Tectonic
Meet your Program Director
Kavir Kaycee is a seasoned product person and no-code maker. He started his no-code journey in 2016 by building automations in Zapier. And since then has built apps in Bubble, Glide, Softr, among others including the IndiaCovidResources app that helped hundreds of thousands of people during India's second wave Covid surge. He is an alum of ISB and On Deck.

Who is this for?


Non-technical founders can learn how to build an MVP with no-code in less than 4 weeks to validate their idea. Build, learn, iterate, and

First PM in a Startup

Increase the value of your contributions to an early stage startup by creating landing pages, automating, and building MVPs.

Aspiring PMs

Learn the skill of a PM even before you get a PM gig. Build a product and ship to users and build proof-of-work.

Indie Makers

Create your own side project or SaaS to serve customers without knowing how to code.

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No-code for Product Managers

Learn from the best no-code makers to create your own app in 5 weeks.

What’s included

Private forum access
Live and recorded sessions
Office hours with Program Directors
Perks from no-code platforms



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Get Access to The Product Folks Ecosystem

Exclusive & Private Community

Get access to the private community and engage in meaningful conversations with the participants.

Hands-on Live Learning

Get hands-on training by working on projects, and brainstorming problems with other participants.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

1. Aspiring product people who want to learn how to build and ship product
2. Founding product managers at startup who want to get their hands dirty
3. Creators who want to leverage their audience and build a custom app
4. Anyone who wants to integrate automation to promote business
5. Anyone who wants to explore more than their jobs-to-be-done and build products out of their personal ideas
6. Anyone who wants a build a side project using no-code

How is the selection process for this program?

You will apply through a simple form that is listed on the website. Once you submit your application, our panel of experienced product people and no-code makers review each and every applicant and look at three things:
1. What are you building — idea, problem statement? (optional but recommended)
2. What are your current skill sets?
3. What are your goals & motivation?

How is this program better than other courses & training programs?

1. This is not a course where you passively learn. You will take the initiative and get as much out of the program as you put in & our commitment is to help you actually launch your NoCode app!
2. Our program focuses the experience on the best learning and building environment without any distractions. We take best practices from the CBC world to create this experience
3. You will be guided by some of the top no-code platforms out there and mentored by people who have built and shipped live products that have been used by thousands of users- You get exclusive time every week to work with program creators, mentors and peer groups
4. You can leverage The Product Folks community to get early users and feedback on your product

What is the time commitment expected out of me?

We expect you to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week and the maximum is up to you. You can be working full time and still make the most use of the program. Those who spend more time in the program reap the most rewards.

I am in a different time zone (US, Europe). Can I join the program?

Learning can now take place from any region and any time zone. As long as you can manage your timings to join the critical sessions, you are most welcome to join the program.

What will the engagement be like after the program ends?

You will have lifetime access to the community and the learning resources which you can make use of whenever.
1. The community is an active 14K+ member community with active learning across many product themes- Analytics, NoCode, Design, Leadership, NFT, Creator economy, FinTech, EdTech, and the list goes on and on
2. The Product Folks also publishes a weekly insider newsletter which brings to your inbox the best content to the next big things in the product world & product resources as well

How much will this cost me?

The program fee is $399 for the 5 weeks program, with which you also get lifelong access to the The Product Folks community, newsletter & resources.

What happens if I miss a session? Are they recorded?

While we would love for you to attend the sessions live, all the sessions will be recorded and viewable later at your convenience.

What time are the live sessions?

Most of the live sessions will be in the evening/night hours (8 to 11pm IST) in India to accommodate people from all over the world.

Is this only for PMs?

No, it’s for all kinds of product builders. For Founders, First PMs at startups, Aspiring PMs or Indie Makers.

Can I expense the program?

Yes you can approach your organization and claim the expenses as a learning and development cost.