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Learn how to position product as the primary driver of growth for your company via live sessions, real-life case studies from industry experts

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What is the course about?

Learn frameworks on how to deconstruct products to enable your company to hack into growth. Build and implement a go-to-market strategy that relies on using your product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers.

What you will learn?

Following are the course outcomes that you will achieve at the end of the course:

Best suited Frameworks for different stages
Implementation of GTM and Monetization Strategies
Quantify and Optimize based on user Response
Bandan Jot Singh

Growth Lead, Booking

Vakul Agarwal

VP - Growth, Licious

Anirban Das

Sr. Dir. of Product, Ola Electric

Pradeep Varadaraja

VP Product, Swiggy

Apoorva Sudarshan

CSM, Mixpanel

Avadhoot Revankar

Chief Growth Officer, Netcore Cloud

Himanshu Periwal

Co-Founder, Unlu

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What does the Course entail?

Introduction to Product Led Growth

Kickoff the course by gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of product-led growth and why it has become so important

1. Introduction of the course plan
2. What is growth and why it is important
3. What is Product Led Growth
4. The Difference: Sales-Led vs Marketing-Led vs Product-Led Growth
5. For whom it is useful and How does it fit into your role?

Optimising Growth Funnels- Reach and Activation

Different stages of user journey require different models and funnel optimization. Here we talk about reach and activation

1. Defining product led strategy for growth in reach and activation funnels with the help of a case study
2. Metrics and Frameworks utilised while optimising reach and activation funnels
3. Customer Onboarding (B2B & B2C) and Monetisation strategies in the early stage

Optimising Growth Funnels - Engagement and Retention

We deep diver on how to retaining and engage your acquired users for sustained growth

1. Defining product led strategy for growth in engagement and reention funnels with the help of a case study
2. Metrics and Frameworks utilised while optimising Engagement and Retention funnels
3. Discovering Product Market Fit and feedback incorporation strategies in the post activation stage

Measuring In Action

Gain an understanding of metrics like TTV, PQL, Expansion Revenue, CLV etc. for measuring the product-led growth

1. Introduction to key product metrics
2. Firsthand experience on how to track, visualize and analyze user cohorts and funnels
3. Identifying growth levers

Experimentation & Launch

Learn the stages involved in experimentation and  implementation to leverage different user psychology

1. GTM strategy with the help of a case study
2. Recalibrating position in global market as per the demographics
3. User Psychology with respect to Product Lead Growth Mindset


Design a launch plan that successfully attracts and communicates product value along with monetization models

1. How Pricing aligned with Strategy
2. Determining the pricing plans for your product
3. Defining the user experience to enable product led onboarding

How to break into Product Led Growth domain

You will get broad overview about the myths and what actually works for different  hiring process and what you can do to ace your interviews

1. Myths around Product Led Growth roles and responsibilities
2. How to self evaluate role fit?
3. What kind of stakeholders would you have to deal with?
4. What kind of companies hire around product led growth?

What Does The Program Cost?

We've built our careers by resources and goodwill of people who've openly shared what they've learned. To amplify it further and create a huge impact, it's only fair if we use our network to offer a program that anyone, anywhere can access without any barriers.


Showcase Credibility

No Pricing Barrier

Equal Opportunity Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for this course?

This course has been curated for outperforming individuals who love taking up new challenges and solve problems. You will be a good fit if:

You are a super learner/student/fresher and is looking to understand how to better leverage or product to drive audience

You are an ealry startup looking on how to ace your growth

You are an experienced Product Manager who is looking for a community of think alike, build a network and be a mentor to other mentors.

You are a founder lookingfor a better strategy behind your product or hire growth people for your team.

How can I register?

Fill your name and email on this page so we register your interest, we'll send you an email with the complete details. The enrollment will be only on first come, first serve basis.

How much does this course cost?

The course is absolutely FREE of cost to attend the live sessions.

Will I get a certificate after completing?

Yes, on course completion, you get a certificate that you can showcase to potential employers and share on LinkedIn.

Is this course remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for remote audience including, events, icebreaking activities and classes.

How long can I access the community and sessions?

You have lifetime free access to the community but the recorded sessions could be accessed with a minimum chargeable fee.