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At The Product Folks, we continue to work hard and build a community that everyone from a newbie to a leader can gain value and grow in their Product Management careers.


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We arrange Product Management events in every top city in India. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn from and network with the best Product minds in your city.


We have a regularly updated job board to help you find the best Product Management jobs in India as per your level and current skillset.

APM Program

We have built India’s first and only APM program that helps you transition into Product Management irrespective of your current role.


Don’t just learn skills but apply them via various Product Management workshops we conduct to sharpen your current knowledge and become better at your job.


Find the best Product Management resources on the internet via our dedicated learning platform, completely free of cost.


Get mentored by the top PMs working at exceptional startups throughout the country. Learn and seek advice from them to grow your PM career.

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Organized and Efficient

I am extremely impressed by how well organized the Product folks team is and the events they conduct are shaped to the current demand and trend. I strongly feel that what they are doing is amazing and I can see a clear ripple effect of product awareness around them

Mithula Senthilarasu

APM, HippoVideo

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Flexible and Committed

I’ve been following TheProductFolks right from their first event and was amazed by the enthusiasm they carried. And when I worked with them as a speaker at one of the events they organized, I could understand their passion for product management. They have covered significant ground in a very short span of time and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow to great heights!


Nithin Rangarajan

Group Product Manager, Chargebee

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Creative & Resourceful

TPF meet-ups are my go-to event for meeting like-minded product people and learn about Product Management. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the speakers, attendees and the quality of content are top-notch. The TPF meet-ups are great for anyone interested in Products - if product management experience, looking to switch to PM or just getting started. I can't thank enough for building this great PM community.


Swaminathan Jayaraman

Product Manager, Juno

The Product Summit 2020
10th - 11th Oct, 2020

Organized by The Product Folks and Inc42; The Product Summit is India’s first-ever virtual summit with a focus on High Growth Products for India and from India. With the world going through a digital transformation and Governments promoting/urging startups and companies to solve for India its time we break ground and bring together the top minds driving the current Product wave in India and share their wisdom and experiences with the product community.

Brands Decoded 2020
11th - 12th Dec, 2020

Consumer brands struggle with more than just product market fit: questions around channel mix, marketing funnels, and brand strategy. At Brands Decoded, we aim to bring together some of India's leading consumer brand founders to share lessons in growth-hacking the journey that an early stage consumer business takes to morph into a lifestyle-synonymous consumer brand. While there’s no one-size-fits strategy for all consumer startups, there are common fundamentals that separate success stories from aspiring ones.

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