How to Build & Scale Marketplace Business | Lenny Rachitsky, CEO, Localmind

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In this workshop, Lenny takes us through building products & scaling them to create better marketplaces with examples to understand marketplaces better and ship products that leads to business transactions by choosing the right business model and assessing the economics.

The workshop kicks off with the chicken-and egg problem phase to scaling phase that constructs a supply-demand chain that ultimately helps in achieving great Product market fit.

About the Speaker:

Lenny is an active angel investor and advisor and has invested in more than 30 startups. He was also the part of the growth team at AirBnb for 7 years. Lenny also Co-Founded and was the CEO of Localmind, an early location-based consumer app. In addition, he was an Engineer and the Head of R&D at Webmetrics. 

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