Product Management Learnings from Stripe, Yahoo, Google & Twitter | Shreyas Doshi, Product Lead, Stripe

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In this workshop, Shreyas takes us through the key learning and lessons he learnt from starting his Product Management journey to building some great products that millions of users use on a daily basis. He shares insights on some product concepts and frameworks along with, how to recognize which companies are for you and when to transition into Product roles.

About the Speaker:

Shreyas is a product advisor to fast-growing startups and has built various products at Stripe, Twitter, Google, & Yahoo. He has invested in more than 65 startups and has made 23 exits by now. He believes in building Minimum Loveable Product rather than a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Shreyas Doshi brings his enriching Product Management experience of Silicon Valley from the likes of Yahoo!, Google, Twitter, and Stripe. Shreyas shares his learnings and lessons learned from 15 years of being in the Product/Tech space. 

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