Product Design for
Product Managers

Build world-class products and improve collaborations with
designers by learning to speak the language of design.

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Cohort starts on 17th January 2022

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9th Dec 2021


15th Jan 2022


17th Jan 2022


Why should I learn design as a PM?

Well-designed products aren’t built in silos. Behind all great product designs are teams that give consideration to design in every product decision.As a Product Manager, you cannot sideline the role design plays in your decisions, even if you are intimidated by design intricacies. Hence you need to learn the fundamentals of designing. After all, you are responsible for a team that wants to end up building truly great products!

All you need is

6 Weeks

to deep dive into the world of design.

Week 1

Kick-off event

• Why PMs should bother to develop a design mindset?

• What is design, Anyway?
Week 2

Deep Dive Into Design

• Exploring The World of Digital Design

• Intro to Visual Design
Week 3

Execution Week

• Fundamentals of Figma

• Implementation: Build a Real UI
Week 4

Express more with Prototypes

• Learn how to quickly prototype your design ideas
Week 5

The Designer’s Brain

• Design Process: What do the best companies do differently?

• UX Processes: A Deep Dive
Week 6

Wrap-Up Week

• Design Systems: Business Use Case

• Fundamentals of Branding
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Learn from the best in the industry

Darshan Gajara

Head of Design
at GraphCMS, ex- Bookmyshow

Sneha Sankar

ex-OLA, Unacademy

Kumar Mayank

UX Lead at Google,
ex - Qubole, Oracle

Ankita Gautam

UX Designer at Google,
ex- Salesforce, Qubole SAP Labs

Deepak Jose

Head of Product Design
at Dunzo, ex- OLA, Hike Messenger

Aprajit Kar

Group Design Head - Consumer Platforms
at Gojek
Meet your Program Manager
Arnob Mukherjee
Arnob is a designer-turned-entrepreneur who spent his college years building many new things including a design resource site called Culrs, and a bunch of other projects he doesn’t want to name. After college, he has spent his career leading, building design systems and products at companies like Qubole, Ola, CreatorStack, and is currently doing similarly amazing work and more as Co-Founder at Olvy.

Who is this for?


The founders of Instagram, YouTube, Canva, and Airbnb are good examples of billion-dollar companies with designer founders. Your company should definitely be next.

Aspiring/Early stage Product Managers

The goal of a design, for an early-stage Product Manager, is to demonstrate your problem/solution discovery skills, product sense, and to articulate your ideas convincingly.

Top Management Product Leaders

Understand how to speak a designer's language. Create better design partnerships by improving collaboration and building the best products.

First PM in a Startup

Build up your secret weapon called “Design Thinking” to thrive in Product Management and bring more maturity since the first day of your startup.

Join our upcoming Cohort

Design for Product Managers

Learn from the best in the industry to develop a design mindset in your PM journey

What’s included

Private forum access
Member resources
Entry to annual conference
Official member t-shirt



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9th Dec 2021


15th Jan 2022


17th Jan 2022


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Exclusive & Private Community

Get access to the private community and engage in meaningful conversations with the participants.

Hands-on Live Learning

Get hands-on training by working on projects, and brainstorming problems with other participants.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

1. Product Managers who want to build their secret weapon called "Design Thinking" and improve their product sense
2. Aspiring Product Managers who are looking to improve their problem/solution discovery skills, product sense, and to articulate ideas in a convincing way
3. Aspiring product designers who want to learn how to design world-class products
4. Founders at startups who need to upskill and learn the art of product design to communicate better with the design team
5. Creators who want to leverage their audience and build a custom app

What is the selection process for this program?

Fill the form here. Once you submit your application, our panel of experienced product people and designers will review every applicant and consider two things:
1. What are some of the problems that you have faced/could face in the collaboration between design and your product team?
2. How will this course help you grow in your product-building journey?

How is this program better than other courses & training programs?

Learn everything about Design thinking and systems from the top Industry experts with our curated lesson plans, networking events, and weekly assignments
1. LIVE sessions: All the sessions are LIVE and interactive thus you can directly engage with the speakers/mentors.
2. Network: Engage with India's top talent coming from various backgrounds including Developers, founders, Consultants, etc. Participate in community 1:1, networking sessions, brainstorm problems. This community will help you navigate your next big challenge!
3. Grow: Whether you want to start a startup or stand out in your PM job, collaborate with participants on hands-on projects, brainstorm weekly assignments, design products and grow together!

What is the minimum time commitment required per week?

The strength of our program is our community. We believe in helping and growing with each other. Our curriculum is part-time friendly, so you are expected to spend 4-5 hours per week but the more time you will spend in networking & engaging, the more you will gain.

I am in a different time zone (US, Europe). Can I join the program?

Learning can now take place from any region and any time zone. As long as you can manage your timings to join the critical sessions, you are most welcome to join the program.

What will the engagement be like after the program ends?

You will have lifetime access to the community and the learning resources which you can make use of whenever.
1. The community is an active 14K+ member community with active learning across many product themes- Analytics, NoCode, Design, Leadership, NFT, Creator economy, FinTech, EdTech, and the list goes on and on
2. The Product Folks also publishes a weekly insider newsletter which brings to your inbox the best content to the next big things in the product world & product resources as well

How much will this cost me?

The program fee of $299 (inclusive of GST) will get you access to the 6-weeks program along with lifelong access to The Product Folks community, newsletter & resources.

Can I expense the program?

Yes you can approach your organization and claim the expenses as a learning and development cost.