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working at Swiggy, Zeta, Razorpay, Mixpanel and more

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How to break into Product Management or grow in the product domain?
What all parameters should be considered while building a product from zero to one?
What kind of metrics can help with Product Market Fit ?
How should one go around GTM strategy of the product?

Insurjo combines the best lessons from seasoned Product Leaders to help you grow in your Product career

Anuj Rathi

SVP, Swiggy

Toshi Prakash

Head of Products, xto10x

Khilan Haria

SVP, Razorpay

Gireesh Subramaniam

VP, Product and Engineering - Zeta

Ivy Mukherjee

Design, Bumble


VP, Products, Bounce

Shivangi Srivastava

New Initiatives, Swiggy

Apoorva Singh

GTM & Strategy, Indeed

Moinak B.

PM, Stripe

Nathan Bobbin

VP, Product, Chargebee

Kedar Parikh

Product Head, Netcore

And created a Super-Useful ebook for people who

✅ Want to break into Product Management and accelerate their product journey
✅ Want to execute their ideas from zero to one and build amazing products
✅ Want to get insights of how Product Managers work at big companies like Mixpanel, Swiggy and more