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1) Mobile web contributes around 65% of Square Yards traffic however the user experience is not optimum. You have been on-boarded as a PM to redesign Square Yards mobile web and app experience. The purpose is to engage with the users who are looking to buy new homes or resale properties, rent property or those looking for top rated agents in their area. Key success factors for this initiative would be metrics such as Average Time spent on site, bounce rate, returning users etc.

2) Unlike other classified and listing based real estate portals that are just focused on initial property online search (and not do the fulfillment), Square Yards differentiates itself by offering 360-degree services and end to end fulfillment services during the entire home buying & ownership journey. Square Yards deploys its own workforce to provide full stack real-estate services from search & discovery, transactions, home loans, rentals, interiors (launching soon) property management, portfolio management and comprehensive post-sales service (legal, technical and valuation services related to real estate). However this aspect is not very well communicated well on the website. The new PM would suggest appropriate messaging across the website to communicate this differentiation well and also suggest tech interventions to be able to offer an integrated consumer experience

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