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Millions of chronic consumers have multiple recurring medications. Consumers need to manage both - a) Remembering to take the doses on time and b) Plan & ensure there is sufficient stock of the medicine at home.

A survey amongst this population has showed that most consumers are unable to plan this in advance & a typical journey would then be:
1.    Go to a nearby pharmacy to replenish stocks
2.    Re-order from an online pharmacy

With 1, there is a huge hassle of stepping out of the home (also, the safety aspects under Covid) with no surety of getting the particular product at the nearby pharmacy. One then has to go to multiple pharmacies, to buy the medicine they need.
With 2, it is not convenient, since the consumer would have to go through the full Funnel to be able to place the order & await as per the delivery TATs.

If you were a PM at Pharmeasy, how would you solve this?

Some pointers to help you with the challenge:
-       Chronic - Disease or Problem which continues for a long time e.g Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.
-       Different demographics of consumers have different nuances - i.e. Age group.
-       There needs to be a valid Prescription for any product (medicine) being dispensed by the platform. (one time order / refills).

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