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Inside, you'll find a tight-knit community of product experts and enthusiasts brimming with activity. You'll be a node in this expansive network of Product Folks.


The channel hosts a range of Product Experts for frequent AMAs and Product Teardowns alongside reading clubs, hiring threads, interview prep and much more! This is a space everyone looks forward to spend some quality time on each day to grow and engage with a smart & innovative set of people.


Network with fellow Product Managers, Designers, Founders & Visionaries at #the-club.


Looking to get your foot in the Product door, or get into more Senior roles?  Find hundreds of opportunities posted by Product Leaders looking for qualified PMs to join their teams in the #jobs-gigs-hiring-thread & #interview-prep channels.


 Your daily dose of articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and thousands of other resources on Product Management. 9/10 folks said they spend at least 15 minutes each day scrolling through the unique #what-am-i-reading channel.

Exclusive Sessions for the Community

Take the centre stage and get heard during thoughtfully curated AMA sessions, enticing polls and more. Sounds fun? The #product-teardown & #product-discussion channels will keep you hooked!

Meaningful conversations

Our Slack channels are moderated and invite-only. Expect less noise and more quality. Find Product Leaders from top tech companies actively to ideating and debating all things Product.

Build solid relationships

The Slack channel houses bright minds you can learn from. The Relationships you'd make are invaluable. We've even had folks who met on TPF's Slack go on to found startups together!

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Product management being a multidisciplinary skills was really hard for me to explore back then. Once I came across The Product Folks I have found a number of Product folks from the community with whom I started to brainstorm, help each other and even had a lot of fun meeting with new people. Also every event hosted by TPF has its own flavor of learning to it. I have really enjoyed my journey & I get constantly challenged by the other folks from the community which is helping me further my Product skills better and better each day. 

Pathange Balaji Rao 
Aspiring Product Manager | Building & Consulting startups at DesignCode Labs

I chanced upon The Product Folks community as a happy accident while scrolling through Twitter, which led to taking part and winning the November Product Teardown with PharmEasy. Personally, they have given me a chance to connect with like-minded people working on interesting projects, all bound by the same thirst to learn about building successful products and provide value to others. TPF is a welcoming and nurturing ecosystem for everyone (from seasoned product builders to beginners looking for a break) to grow together. Absolutely love what they're doing!

Gayathri Yuvaraj

Being a undergrad, finding information about Product Management is really hard. 

There's where I stumbled on The Product Folks Community. It's been a very encouraging experience! The community helps and guides you about PM roles,and is an amazing place to network and grow.

TPF also hosts frequent product teardowns and AMAs with industry leaders,and they're really worth it if you're curious about product management

Rachitt shah

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