MRD: Market requirement document

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MRD: Market requirement document

MRD is a document that outlines the market needs and requirements for a product or service.

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MRD: Market requirement document

A Market Requirement Document (MRD) is a document used in product management to define the market requirements for a product. It is typically created by the product manager and used to communicate the market needs and requirements to the development team. The MRD outlines the target market, customer needs, competitive landscape, and other factors that will influence the design and development of the product. It also serves as a reference point for future decisions related to product features, pricing, marketing, and other aspects of product management. The MRD should be updated regularly as new information becomes available or changes in the market occur.

Examples of

MRD: Market requirement document

1. A market requirement document (MRD) is a document that outlines the features, functions, and other requirements of a product or service that must be met in order to meet customer needs and expectations. 2. The MRD should include a detailed description of the target market, customer needs and wants, competitive landscape, product features and benefits, pricing strategy, and other relevant information. 3. The MRD should also include a timeline for development and launch of the product or service as well as any potential risks associated with the project. 4. The MRD should be reviewed by all stakeholders involved in the project to ensure that all requirements are met before development begins.

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