Youtube Channels every Product Manager should follow

Finding great YouTube content for product managers can be challenging.

This post shares the top YouTube channels that provide invaluable insights into product management from industry experts.

You'll discover channels covering everything from PM fundamentals and career growth to UX design and the latest trends.

The Product Folks YouTube Channel

The Product Folks is a volunteer-driven community of product managers and enthusiasts who are passionate about the latest trends and learning more about this innovative field. We're just getting started and aim to help the PM community grow together. Here are the pointers highlighting the essence of The Product Folks YouTube channel

  • Industry Expert Insights
  • Actionable Advice
  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Basics for Beginners
  • Trends and Innovations
  • Networking and Community
  • Career Development
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Real-World Examples and Case Studies

Lenny's Podcast

Interviews with world-class product leaders and growth experts to uncover concrete, actionable, and tactical advice to help you build, launch, and grow your own product.

  • In-depth Interviews with Industry Leaders
  • Cutting-edge Trends and Insights
  • Practical Product Management Techniques
  • Start-up Success Stories
  • Career Growth and Development
  • Networking and Community Engagement
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tech Perspectives
  • Diverse Industry Viewpoints
  • Personal Development Insights

Mind The Product

Mind the Product is the world’s most engaged product community, providing articles, meetups, training, and events that support the careers of 300,000+ product people globally.

  • Expert Product Management Insights
  • Innovative Product Strategies
  • Product Leadership and Growth
  • User Experience and Design Thinking
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Agile and Lean Practices
  • Market Trends and Consumer Behavior
  • Diversity in Product Teams
  • Career Pathways in Product Management
  • Community Building and Networking

Product School

Product School is the global leader in Product training with a community of over two million product professionals. All of their instructors are Product Leaders working at top Silicon Valley companies including Google, Meta, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon.

  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Career Development in Product
  • Interviews with Industry Leaders
  • Product Design and UX/UI Insights
  • Technology and Innovation Trends
  • Agile Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Product Marketing Strategies
  • User Research and Analytics
  • Networking and Community Events
  • Soft Skills for Product Managers


Exponent is an online community, course, and coaching platform that offers interview materials for persons who want to work in technology, including hours of sample questions, videos, and suggestions. Exponent has assisted individuals in obtaining their ideal jobs in product management (PM), software engineering, data science, product marketing management, and other fields. At first, they experimented with recording sample responses to PM questions to engage people who weren’t enrolled in their courses

  • Interview Preparation Tips
  • Product Management Case Studies
  • Behavioral Interview Strategies
  • Resume and Portfolio Guidance
  • Tech Industry Insights
  • Career Path Exploration
  • Negotiation Techniques for Offers
  • Product Design Principles
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Networking and Mentorship Opportunities

PM Diego Granados

Diego is a Senior Product Manager with expertise working with Engineering, UX/Product Design, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data, and Consumers. He is always responsible for bringing incredible things to life. He employs cloud and IoT technology to provide online and mobile apps to clients. He is a prominent product management influencer on LinkedIn and has a YouTube channel. Diego enjoys assisting people in entering into product management by providing several ideas on how to do so and what pitfalls to avoid on his YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

💡 The world of product management is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Keeping up with the latest trends and best practices is key for any product professional.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • YouTube has become a valuable resource for product managers to learn from industry experts. Channels like The Product Folks and Product School Provideuseful videos on product strategy, roadmapping, analytics, and more.
  • Following Product Management thought leaders on YouTube helps professionals expand their skills and remain competitive in this quickly changing landscape.
  • With the wealth of PM content on YouTube, it can be overwhelming to find the best channels. This article summarized some of the top YouTube channels product managers should follow.

We encourage every product professional to:

  • Subscribe to 1-2 new YouTube channels highlighted in this article that provide videos relevant to your current skill gaps or areas of interest.
  • Set aside 30 minutes each week to watch curated PM video content and stay on top of latest industry trends/developments.
  • Implement 1-2 learnings, frameworks or tips from videos into your product management processes within the next month.

Keeping pace with YouTube's product management thought leaders will undoubtedly make you a stronger, more knowledgeable product manager over time.

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