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Hello hello! Howdy?

Where did January go? Well, tell us if you get to know

As we step into February, we decided to focus on an aspect of life arguably as indispensable as food or water. No, not exercise. Apps. Do you think we're exaggerating? Maybe... but technology products have become so intertwined with life.

One day of our lives without Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, Amazon, Swiggy, and Uber:


What's cookin' at product teams worldwide?

  1. No more 'Compress via WhatsApp' - According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature that will let users share multimedia in its original quality. No more compression woes for the user. Good news for all those content creators and artists!
  2. Telegram got the Memo... in all languages - Telegram Premium users can now translate entire chats in the language of their choice and in real-time. Bridging the language barrier one language at a time. We're all in for this!
  3. 'Minutes of the meeting are so yesterday,' says Microsoft's AI - How frustrated do you get to write detailed meeting minutes after an MS Teams call? MS Teams is releasing the Teams Premium feature, which will leverage GPT 3.5-powered AI tools to watch the entire meeting video, transcribe the meeting, and make a note of key action points. Project Managers, are you excited?

A tech-tonic shift for India

  1. Fintech goes KaChing! - Apps like Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, and Bajaj FinServ, were among the most downloaded finance apps worldwide and made it to the top ten apps in the 'State of Mobile' report, according to data.ai.
  2. Big Budget for Tech - Approx 16,500 crores has been allocated for technology development, specifically for the proliferation of AI and ML technologies. This will propel into technology supremacy in the near future.

Your customer feedback and you - Always on the same page with Zeda

Most product teams find themselves in a tough spot – choosing between either building on customer feedback or for business goals. 

But successful products are ones that do not trade one off for the other.

Let’s do this while optimizing for time, resources, and scalable efficiency with  Zeda.io.

And we make that a whole lot easier. Zeda.io empowers your team to intelligently automate the management of customer feedback from myriad sources. With an insightful dashboard of analytics, you manage product strategy with a grip.

Similarly, our Jira controls add a layer of intelligence to the tickets that help you automate capacity planning and intelligently improve prioritization.

Build for your goals, align on business and product. And build with more clarity on all operations. 

Happy Building! 💜

Build with Zeda

ACCELerating the growth of Women in Product

3 pods, 7 speakers and 60+ women

Women in Product hosted Rendezvous with top Product leaders and founders with Accel India on three parallel closed conversations on product, startups and growth! 

It was so beautiful to be surrounded by a room full of women ~ making it easier to network and relate, finding people you know would want to back you up, and leaving with lifelong connections.

As you read this edition, let us know what apps you use the most and how they help transform your life, literally!  

P.S. - Tweet and let us know which product update you are most excited about!

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