Launching The Product Summit 2020: Building High Growth Products For India

How many Product Folks does it take to mobilize and invigorate India's Products ecosystem? 7 Visionaries, 20 Startup Founders and Product Leaders, a 100+ Senior Product Folks, a 1000+ Product Managers - and YOU. A dream is what you dare to dream. And a conversation with like-minded Product professionals is how you begin to manifest your ambitions in the real world.

The Product Summit 2020 hosted by The Product Folks & Inc42 is now open. All you need to do – is tune in. With a formidable lineup of speakers & delegates from the Product Management space, this is a limited, exclusive opportunity to connect with some of the best Product minds from the industry and to learn from their experiences firsthand.

An Explosive Speaker Lineup

The summit will host speakers such as Harsha Kumar (Partner, Lightspeed; Ex-AVP, Product @OLA),  Miten Sampat (Angel Investor; ex-CSO, Times Internet), Tejas Vyas (Director of Products, Bigbasket), Nithin Kamath (Founder & CEO, Zerodha), Pallav Nadhani (Ex-Co-founder & CEO, FusionCharts), and many, many more spirited leaders from the Indian Product Ecosystem!

More speaker announcements coming soon, stay tuned!

Also, early bird tickets now LIVE! RSVP before they run out:

Building High Growth Products For India, in India

With the world going through a digital transformation and the government urging startups and companies to help in holding the fort, we think it’s time to break ground and bring together top minds driving the current product wave in India to share their wisdom and experiences with the product community. But what does it take to engineer a product for India? How do successful Product Managers & Designers identify and achieve Product-Market Fit in the challenging Indian context?

To answer these and many more such questions, we will be hosting The Product Summit on Saturday, October 10th, 2020. The full-day online event will be loaded with Panel Discussions on Engineering High Growth Product Teams, Live Product Breakdowns, Workshops, and a flagship Fireside Chat on designing superlative Customer Experiences for India - The 10x Product Growth Lever.

And while on the topic of having the right people in a successful product team, we also have to talk about the most important stakeholders in the process — customers. They have the final say on everything that goes behind the development of a product and hence, it is important to tailor the customer experience according to their needs.

The final session of The Product Summit will focus on building for new digital SMBs (small-medium businesses) in India. India has 120 – 130 Mn citizens depending on small retail, from about 50 – 60 Mn small retail shops. The pandemic has brought a ton of disruption for SMBs. For one, millions of SMBs are expected to go online in the coming months to sustain their business and find a way to earn more revenue through various online distribution channels for both B2B and B2C products.

What’s in it for you?

We have crafted #TheProductSummit2020 with utmost care to offer you the deepest of insights on Product Management - unlike any other virtual conference or event you would have attended previously. It’s going to be a full house, with more than 3000 product leaders & makers attending the conference! The platform will be made open for you to participate in multiple 1:1 virtual networking sessions before, during, and after the event. What’s more, we will be hosting several mixers on the day, and so, YOU get to choose who you would like to interact with. Upon registration, we will help you strategize your participation in a way that enables you to customize the outcomes from the event as per your background and interests.

Who’s This For?

The Product Summit will excite anyone closely related to building products for the Indian market. Our Delegates would be a rich mix for Product Managers, Designers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Technologists. This platform is also a great place if you want to start your journey in the Product Ecosystem and find the right folks to connect to, or to grow the key skills required to excel in your function.

If you're interested in the Product space too or want to collaborate, please feel free to DM us on Twitter or reach out via email.

Early bird tickets run out in less than a week so register now! Promise you the line-up announcements will blow you away!

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