The Quintessential Guide
to Product-Led Growth

Working at Amazon, Microsoft,, Razorpay and more

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People were
Super-Curious About

How does PLG enhance business growth and how to get into those roots?
When is the growth stage achieved in a venture?
What are the PLG frameworks?
How to equalize the perceived value to the experienced value?
What are the prioritization steps for customer analysis?
How to measure inaction, experimentation, and launch your product?

And created a Super-Useful Ebook for people who

✅ Want to break into Product-Led growth journey and monetize
✅ Want to optimize growth channels and experiment
✅ Want to execute their ideas from zero to one and build amazing products
✅ Want to get insights into how Product Growth Leaders work at big companies like Mixpanel, Swiggy, Ola, Licious,, Netcore, Unlu

Meet your Growth Experts

Insights from seasoned Product Leaders to accelerate your Product’s Growth!

Bandan Jot Singh

Business Unit Lead Riverty, ex

Anirban Das

Director SpotDraft, ex Mixpanel

Apoorva Sudarshan

Director SpotDraft, ex