Product Salary Report
with real PM data.

This has been curated by collecting data from over 500 PMs in the month of February and March.

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Common PM
Questions answered

1. Is Prior Experience in a different field helpful?
2. Is an MBA important to be a Product Manager?
3. Do I need to be from an IIT/IIM to break into Product?
4. Does an IIT/IIM degree guarantee a higher pay?
5. What are the standard vesting periods accepted industry-wide?
6. Is the industry biased towards Engineers?
7. Is there Gender Disparity in pay?

And created a Super-Useful Report for people who

✅ People looking to switch jobs
✅ Freshers trying to transition into Product
✅ Experienced Folks trying to transition into Product
✅ People trying to figure out ESOPs that they deserve.
✅ People trying to understand industry trends when it comes to pay