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About Simpl

Simpl is India’s fastest-growing 1-tap checkout network meant to make payments invisible and money intelligent. Simpl is on a mission to empower merchants to build trusted relationships with customers, one transaction at a time.

Simpl is a consumer experience platform providing a full-stack solution for e-commerce conversion. It enables merchants to give customers 1-tap checkout, buyer protection, and a pay-later facility to allow them to feel safe and trusted when shopping online. Through Simpl, merchants can provide consumers with an easy, safe, and intuitive user experience.

Context for Problem Statement

Simpl allows a user to buy now and pay later across 15,000+ brands on the internet today. With a billing cycle of 15 days, a user can continue to place orders in 1-Tap and pay one consolidated bill on 1st and 16th of the month. Users do not have to worry about payment failures or entering account details on multiple website/apps. While merchants enjoy 99% payment success and deeper user trust translating into improved user retention. While onboarding a user, Simpl focuses on 100+ criteria including the purchase and behaviourial history of users across the Simpl network and varied user signals.

Problem Statement

Improve the Day30 conversion for the product metric "successful app onboarding to first transaction".
Conceptualise a product strategy to 3x the rate at which users who get access to Simpl credit limit start transacting using Simpl across the merchant network.

                     Funnel                                                           Current         Goal
                          Successful App Onboarding        :              100             100
                          First Transaction d30                      :              20               60

Timelines for this months teardown:

Slack AMA: 14th - 15th June 2022

Deck Submission Deadline: 27th June 2022

Deck Day: 3rd July 2022

What's in for the winners?

🚀 Chance to be a part of the Product Team at Simpl!

🚀 Cash prizes worth Rs. 30K.

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