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Plum is a cutting-edge HR technology platform that offers simplified insurance and health benefits that are inclusive and accessible for all. They provide an all-in-one employee benefits platform that entails a wide range of customisable health and insurance benefits that are designed to meet the unique needs of each employee.

Their mission is to create happier, more fulfilling workplaces by optimising talent management. 

Problem statement:

The Background: Plum has a mobile teleconsultation platform (Android & iOS) that is accessible to ~400K lives, including ~170K employees who have permission to use the app. With over 60+ doctors covering 15 specialties, the platform is capable of completing around 900-1000 consultations every week.

Problem Statement: The company faces a challenge where 5% of scheduled consultations in a month result in patients failing to show up, while 14% of consultations are explicitly cancelled by patients. Given that patients (employees of companies that have paid for the Telehealth service) do not have to pay for the product, how can they bring down the no-show rate to 1% and the cancellation rate to 5%.

The Timeline:

  • 10th April - AMA
  • 22nd April - Deadline for Deck Submission
  • 28th April - Deck day

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