Product Teardown - Pilgrim

Event Information

Pilgrim is an innovative and one of the fastest growing D2C (Direct-to-consumer) businesses in the beauty space. Pilgrim makes borderless beauty experiences accessible and affordable. It brings together unique beauty and cultural traditions from around the world.

Problem statement:

How would you personalize the website and app (upcoming and currently in BETA) experience of Pilgrim for its users?
Additionally, the brand plans to build and set up a personalization quiz on its website. So, how would you also incorporate that element in your personalization strategy?

The expected outcome to contain:

- Elements of the website you would personalize
- Audience segmentation strategy for website personalisation
- Content strategy for each personalised website experience
- Potential impact resulting from said personalisation

Teardown Timelines:

Slack AMA: 17/02/2023
Deck Submission: 25/02/2023
Deck day : 04/03/2023


20k - First prize
10k - Second Prize
5k  - Third prize

Event Video

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