Product Teardown - Mudrex

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Mudrex simplifies investing in crypto by helping invest in top crypto trading algorithms & custom crypto baskets designed by professional traders & investors to create long-term wealth, making long term wealth creation opportunities open to everyone!

What’s in this for the winners πŸ†

βœ… Direct interview for product roles at Mudrex
βœ… Cash prizes

Problem Statement:

Mudrex enables its users to easily and systematically invest in crypto. Products like Coin Sets, which are built on the lines of index funds, help the users with this. There's one big challenge in this approach though - perceiving crypto as an asset class doesn't come naturally to most of the target audience. As a result, many of the acquired users don't tend to come back to the app after the initial few sessions.

If you were a product manager at Mudrex, what would you do to retain the acquired users for a longer period, and eventually to get them to invest?

Assume that Mudrex has only one asset type available right now - Coin Sets.



Slack AMA - 16th September

Deck submission deadline - 25th September

Deck Day - 1st October



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