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Leap Scholar supports future leaders from India in their quest to study at the best global schools. Their team of global study experts and student mentors guide at every step of the way - From choosing the right university to helping with application and financing counseling to lining up job interviews, Leap invests heavily in the student's success.

Leap Scholar is born out of the founders' conviction in the talent and potential of Indian students to thrive in outstanding careers abroad.

Leap’s one-stop solution is all one needs to kickstart their global education dream.


Problem Statement:

The typical IELTS aspirant prepares heavily for the IELTS exam for a period of 2-4 weeks. Our core offering is therefore a 4 week crash course with live classes. However, we get a significant number of users who attend our free demo class who would be taking the IELTS exam 6 months to a year later. They are exploring what the IELTS exam is about. How can the Leap IELTS App continue to engage these users until they are ready to invest time in the crash course?


Schedule for Teardown:

  1. Slack AMA: 21st-23rd Dec 2021
  2. Final date for submission: 30th Dec 2021
  3. Final deck day: 8th Jan 2022



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