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About the company:

HyperVerge helps businesses increase their revenues with AI-driven solutions for end-to-end customer onboarding (KYC, Bank Statement Analysis, AML, Account Aggregator,Auto-Debits etc). Their HyperVerge ONE platform equips businesses with a no-code workflow orchestrator, API marketplace, analytics, and more, facilitating seamless customer onboarding and vendor management. With 150+ clients like LinkedIn, Jio, SBI, Vodafone, Kotak Bank, and Cred, HyperVerge is leading the identity verification space.

General Instructions for this Teardown edition:
  1. Choose Your Challenge: In this edition, we present two intriguing problem statements. You have the freedom to select either one and submit your case study.
  2. Distinguished Demo Day: Get ready for an incredible Demo Day experience! Both problem statements will be combined into a single event, and we will select the top 5 decks to showcase their exceptional work.
  3. Career Opportunities Await: Hyperverge is actively looking to fill two key roles. By participating in the teardown, you might just find your path to an exciting new career opportunity.
  4. Stay Informed: Stay in the loop by following the updates we send via email and joining our dedicated Teardown WhatsApp group. Don't miss out on any important information!

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Problem Statement:

Problem Statement 1: Global Product Expansion via Product-Led Growth and Sales

Topic/Problem Statement: GTM Plan for expanding low-code Customer Onboarding platform in US and EU (via Product Led growth)

You are tasked with formulating a comprehensive strategy for a leading low-code SaaS platform company that currently dominates the Digital Identity Verification & Customer Onboarding market in Asia with 150+ clients. The platform helps Fintechs, Banks, Financial Services, Insurance Companies, etc. verify and onboard their users in a remote and automated manner.

The company (which is bootstrapped) has a goal to expand its Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) from USD $10 million (as of December 2022) in India and ASEAN to USD $30 million by the end of 2024, achieved through penetration into the US, European, and LatAm markets. 

Your role is to propose a dynamic Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Product-Led Sales (PLS) strategy to the leadership team. Additionally, include:

● Outline of a 30-60-90-120-day plan.

● Clear goals for the various dependency teams including product, engineering, marketing, sales, etc

Problem Statement 2: Building Product Partnership Ecosystem

Topic/Problem Statement: Designing Product Partnership Strategy & Plan for low code Customer Onboarding platform

Your expertise is solicited in designing a strategic Product Partnership Strategy and Plan for an emerging low-code Customer Onboarding platform for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance Companies. The platform aims to power end-to-end frontend and backend journeys to help such companies verify and onboard their users in a remote, digital and automated manner. To create end-to-end onboarding journeys, the platform will need to support availability of various verification APIs such as Identity verification, Address verification, Income verification, Credit history verification, etc.

The company (bootstrapped), currently enjoying an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of USD $10 million (as of December 2022) in India and ASEAN, & has set its sights on reaching USD $30 million ARR by the conclusion of 2024. The cornerstone of this pursuit is the establishment of a thriving product partnership ecosystem to power an API marketplace on the platform consisting of various verification and other processing APIs/Modules (such as the examples given above) to support onboarding of different customer segments across different industries.

Develop a framework that elucidates how these partnerships can harmonize with the company’s strategic objectives.

● Outline an approach to prioritise, discover, evaluate, negotiate and activate the right product partnerships that will propel the company's API marketplace and growth.

● Define responsibilities and goals for the respective dependency teams, encompassing product, engineering, hiring, sales, and finance.


Slack AMA: 18th September

1st deck submission: 30th September

Deck day: 14th October

🏆 Prize:

  1. First place: 40,000 INR
  2. Second place: 20,000 INR
  3. Third place: 10,000 INR

Social media challenge:

Post your decks on LinkedIn and tag @TheProductFolks with the hashtag #TPFTeardown.

Don’t forget to tag @Hyperverge!

The top three winners will grab exciting cash rewards of:

  • First place: 3000 INR
  • Second place: 2000 INR
  • Third place: 1000 INR

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