Product Teardown - Eloelo

Event Information

Eloelo is a  leading Live Video Entertainment platform where Creators can go live & interact with audiences. The purpose of the app is to take creator-fan engagement to the next level across live formats such as chit chat, astrology, singing, gameshows, etc. At Eloelo, we envision this to be the future of Live Interactive entertainment.

Problem Statement

Eloelo wants to increase the Engagement time of its users by 50% on a daily basis. You are required to look at this problem statement from a lens of more interactive features in a live, any possible addition of gamification to improve watch time & drive stickiness of the platform.

As users engage more, we aim to soon launch monetization on the app. Research other live streaming & entertainment applications to suggest:

1. What are the avenues to monetize on the app?

2. How do we launch monetization in a native way that converts free users into paid users without adversely impacting engagement metrics?

Bear in mind that most of Eloelo’s users are Tier 2, 3 audiences & our creators are a combination of UGC & Micro Influencers.

Timelines for this months teardown:

1. Slack AMA: 24th August 2022
2. Deck Submission Deadline: 29th August 2022
3. Deck Day: 4th Sept 2022

What's in for the winners?

🚀 Cash prizes worth Rs. 40K

🚀 A chance to work with the Product Team at Eloelo

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