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Dhan is a technology-led online stock trading and investing platform for India. Their mission is to help Indians invest and build wealth by participating in the growth of the Indian economy. They believe existing investment platforms are outdated and aim to provide a superior experience for both long-term investors and active traders.

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  1. Distinguished Demo Day: The Demo Day will be hybrid, offering an exciting blend of virtual and in-person participationThe demo day will happen in Dhan Office in Mumbai in hybrid mode, you will have the incredible opportunity to personally meet Pravin Jadhav, the founder of Dhan ( This chance to present their ideas in person will make the experience truly exceptional!
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Problem Statement : 

Grow the Mutual Fund Product within a Stockbroking Platform

Dhan is a stock trading & investing platform built for Super Traders and Long Term Investors. In a short span of 2 years, Dhan has built a strong presence in the broking industry with over half a million registered users on exchanges. The core user base of the product is F&O Traders and Equity Traders.

As a result, Dhan is viewed as a trader-centric product instead of segment/persona-agnostic. Your challenge is to think like a Product Manager at Dhan who wants to:

  1. Grow Mutual Fund investor base on Dhan to 1 Mn+ in next 12 months.
  2. To strategically reposition the platform to embrace a large share of long-term investors, focusing on both stocks and mutual funds.

You must work towards both these goals while ensuring that the business retains and acquires core personas (F&O Traders/Equity Traders).


Slack AMA: 9th May

Deck submission: 25th May

Deck day: 1st June

🏆 Prize:

First place: iPhone 15

Second place: Nothing Phone

Third place: Amazon 10k Voucher

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