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CuriousJr is India’s first mobile-based code learning platform for K12, focused on students aged 8 to 17yrs old and provides this functionality in vernacular languages. It is a Mobile-first platform where K12 students can learn and code on the mobile to publish their creations and share with friends and family.
Students learn from the Curriculum where they learn with the help of bite-size content, practice in the code arena and validate their learning by quizzes or publishing apps and games in the CuriousJr App Store. Also, students can participate in competitions, check daily learning bites, create more than 300 apps and games, and become part of the coder's community.
Note: Choose ONLY one out of the following two problem statements to create the teardown deck.

Problem Statement 1:

On CuriousJr we have 3 segments of users:

1. Segment A: 80% of our new users don’t know anything about the coding and they
come to our app to learn to code for the first time ever.
2. Segment B: 15% of users have some basic knowledge of coding and they come on the
CuriousJr app to learn a new language like JavaScript or Python by skipping Block
3. Segment C: The rest 5% are those users who have done coding on some other
platform and they are here on the CuriousJr app to take part in competitions and win prizes.

You are appointed as the PM at CuriousJr. You need to first identify the segment of the user. Now, based on the user segment, you need to decide how and when a particular feature will be revealed to a user in its journey on the app. For example, for user Segment C, the competition feature may be revealed before the Bytes feature.

Problem Statement 2:

There are some social elements on the CuriousJr App. For example, on the CuriousJr App Store, you can publish as well as view, like, and share other’s apps. Similarly, you can view the profile of a user and can view all of his/her public profile information like level, total XP earned, apps and games created, all earned certificates, etc. You can also follow a user.

Now as the PM at CuriousJr, you need to identify how you can create some social value for the users on the CuriousJr app so that the users keep coming on the app due to their social value. You also need to identify when and how you will introduce social elements present on the app.

Important Dates [TENTATIVE Schedule]

For this month's teardown, we have the following timelines:

1. 13th-14th March 2022 - Slack AMA - An important part of the process where you will get to hear from your mentors and get your questions answered
2. 20th March 2022 - Deck Submission - 'D-Day' for all of the participants
3. 26th March 2022 - Deck Day - where the winners will get to share their work with all the participants

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