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BitClass is a LIVE learning platform that has a range of FREE classes available across categories (Think music, art, dance, finance, entrepreneurship, programming and many more). The goal of the platform is to enable anyone to get started with learning anything without any friction. After attending FREE LIVE classes of their choice, the students can choose to continue learning by enrolling for a longer, paid course which we call a "FULL course".

Post signup - a typical student on BitClass undergoes the following journey -- registering for multiple FREE classes (in the same or different categories)- attending those LIVE classes- buying a FULL course after attending a LIVE class if he/she finds it interesting and satisfying his/her expectations- All the students who register for a FULL course receive a digital completion certificate signed by the teacherAdditionally, students can watch recordings of the classes that they attend and a range of other classes that are always available on the BitClass app.

Problem Statement 1:

User Activation ⚡ - Given the FREE LIVE classes & recorded properties present on the app, design a user journey to"activate" all the new users within the first 7 days of signing-up on the app. Activation here means doing at least one of the 3:

a) attending one LIVE class for more than 10 mins.
b) spending 15 mins watching recordings of past classes.
c) registering for 2 FREE classes.

Problem Statement 2:

Student Referral Program 🔁 - Design a referral program that encourages students to invite their friends and family to join BitClass. This needs to be designed keeping in mind both the FREE class students as well as FULL course buyers.

NOTE- Please choose one of the above two problem statements to build the product teardown deck.

Timelines for this months teardown:

Slack AMA: 17th-18th May
Deck submission deadline: 23rd May
Deck day LIVE: 28th May

What's in for the winners?

🚀 Chance to be a part of the Product Team at BitClass!

🚀 Cash prizes worth 30K INR!

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