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Bigfatphoenix Interactive makes mobile games for kids aged 9-12, which help them develop social-emotional skills such as kindness, empathy, honesty, integrity and responsible decision-making. Our app, Fairside Stories, is already available for free on the Play Store globally. Our primary markets are the US and India. ‍

The problem statement for this month is as follows:

Our primary player persona is girls aged 9-12, comfortable with English, enjoy reading, enjoy stories. They like puzzle games, story-based games, strategy games as opposed to action-orientd games like Fortnite.
Our primary parent persona is typically progressive/liberal parents who care about values more than simply academic performance. They are typically concerned about inclusivity, empathy, kindness, integrity etc. They believe that developing these values is as important as academic skills, and actively try to inculcate these in their kids.

Problem Statement 1:

Currently we are seeing that only 20% of the players who start their first game are completing it. We would like to know if these are actually kids playing, or parents who download and then check out the product, and lose interest. What would be the best way to ascertain what percent of our first session players are parents and what percent are kids, other than simply putting in a "I am a parent / kid" type dialogue box? How could we ensure that parents are actually passing on the product to their kids to play?

Problem Statement 2:

We are seeing better adoption in India than we expected - retention and engagement numbers are promising. However, we don't know about the appetite to pay a subscription for a product like this. What would be a reliable way to estimate 1.) What percentage of our users would convert into subscribers? 2. What would be the sweet spot for pricing? We want to do this quickly (in a few days) without having to actually integrate payments into the app.


NOTE- Please choose one of the above two problem statements to build the product teardown deck.


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🚀 Chance to be a part of the Product Team at BigFatPhoenix!

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