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Founded in 2019, is India's #1 professional app for the rising workforce. Their mission is to connect people with opportunities. Over 2 crore users and over 2 lakh employers trust the Apna platform - India has a new destination to discover relevant opportunities.

They are currently live in 58 cities and expanding rapidly to meet the growing demand for jobs.

Schedule for Teardown:

1. Slack AMA: 18th-19th Feb 2022

2. Final date for submission: 21st Feb 2022

3. Final deck day: 26th Feb 2022

Problem Statement:

apna is a jobs and professional networking product for the rising working class - it uniquely has a jobs marketplace combined with the ability for users to discover, connect and network with similar professionals.

One of the skills that is required for most jobs in this space is the ability to speak English (proficiency level varies depending on the job type) and many times this is a skill that users struggle with. How would you leverage apna's professional networking products (Groups, Connect, 1-1) to "help users learn english that is required for their current or aspirational job and deliver both learning and job outcomes for them"?

The approach + solution should ensure that:
1. users achieve learning and job outcomes
2. apna is able to drive engagement + user retention on networking products
3. any other benefits for stakeholders, if possible

Important outcomes to consider:
Learning outcome = did they actually learn the english skill needed;
Jobs outcome = did they get the "better" job based on the acquired skill

What's in for the winners?

🏆 Cash prizes worth INR 20K

🏆 Chance to be a part of the product team at apna.

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