Product Teardown - Almabetter

Event Information

AlmaBetter is an online educational institution that offers a risk-free education to students, helping them realize their full potential. It combines the best aspects of MOOCs, vocational schools, apprenticeships, and bootcamps to educate and prepare students for modern-day careers, with no tuition fees upfront.

Problem statement:

How would you personalize the website experience for the users of Almabetter with the aim to:

  • Drive free to paid conversions
  • Boost community engagement and convert to course purchases
  • Personalization strategy for known and unknown users on the platform
The expected outcome should contain:
  1. Elements of the website you would personalize
  2. Audience segmentation strategy for website personalization
  3. Content strategy for each personalized website experience.
  4. Potential impact resulting from said personalization

Slack AMA - 15th March
Deck Submission - 23rd March
Deck Day - 1st April

Prize money for the Teardown🏆:

20k - First prize
10k - Second Prize
5k  - Third prize

And exclusive interview opportunities!


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3k - First prize
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1k - Third prize

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