Low Code Development for Product Managers: Building Internal Tools as Products

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Employees at companies like Amazon, Coinbase, and thousands of startups use Retool to build internal tools. Customers build custom admin panels and CRUD apps. They also build highly specific workflows—Pepper Content built a content moderation tool and LBB built merchandising and marketing tools. Technical product managers solve all kinds of business problems using Retool. With Retool, Product Folks can empower their internal teams to move faster and save engineering time, allowing developers to be laser focused on the core product of the business. As a result, here at Retool, we've come to think of internal tools as the product in that they enable PMs and developers to ship, get-to-market and iterate faster on their core offering—all the while empowering various internal teams, such as customer success or operations, with highly efficient and completely customized tooling.


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