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We welcome you all to yet another session of the Y Combinator Edition of the Founders Stories📢
We have two founders, Purya Sarmad(YC W21) and Doron S.(YC W21), from the US solving the key challenges in Pharmacy and Local stores business 🔥 
Some questions two YC-backed Founders are here to shed more light on - 
☑️ What does it take to become a part of  Y Combinator?
☑️ Why do startups apply to become part of it?
☑️ How are the founders navigating and growing during the pandemic?
☑️ How to look from the founder's innovative lens while solving the traditional business challenges at industries like Pharmacy and Local Store Businesses?

This event is organized by The Product Folks and StartPack powered by 'Freshworks for Startups' & Crosstalk.

About the speakers:

Purya Sarmadi is the Co-Founder and CEO at MedMe Health. MedMe was founded with the mission to transform pharmacies from dispensing locations to healthcare hubs. ⚕️💻

Doron Segal is the Co-Founder and CTO at Per Diem. An idea which took birth during the pandemic aims at helping local businesses build their own amazon prime through subscription programs. 🛍️📱

With such an amazing panel of start-up founders backed by Y Combinator, we’re sure to get a ton of actionable insights from their experiences of being part of a YC batch and building on their beliefs. 

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