Driving the Express Lane: Building Quality Experiences

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Customer experience is crucial for any product and is a make or break factor when it comes to the success of the product. While many factors contribute to a good customer experience, the performance of the product takes a front seat definitely 📱

​But how do you test your product performance and find loopholes even before you release it? 🤔

​The catch here is to find insights about your app's performance on core performance KPIs and test the product from various angles like user behaviour, code optimization and low-bandwidth performance. As an early/mid-level PM, performance testing and digital experience analytics tools can help spot points where the customer experience is lacking 📉

Performance testing can help your mobile application and product with:

​✨Faster development cycles

​✨Improvement in load time

​✨Increase retention rate

​✨ Fewer production issues

​✨ Better visibility about loopholes or drop-off points

​✨ Decrease in the time spent for QA

​✨ Improvement in overall system performance

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