Cracking No-Code: Building Powerful Apps with Glide

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For a long time, perhaps longer than needed, the power of automation and software was reserved for those who could code. The rest of us had to either depend on a coder friend/colleague or learn to code from scratch to even get started on a project. Good news is that there's a third option now: no-code!

No-code is the new way of building for ambitious creators who want to turn their ideas into reality as quickly and efficiently as possible — using powerful tools like Glide, Zapier, Webflow, etc. Imagine plugging a google sheet into a tool and getting a beautifully made app? Incredible, right? While the idea is still as important, the execution is a lot simpler.

To help you step into the world of no-code, we are kicking-off this four-parts series where we'll be deep-diving into some of the most powerful no-code tools! For the first session, we'll have Sebastian Solari, Product Marketer at Glide join us for a hands-on workshop where he'll walk you through Glide, its capabilities, and get you initiated well enough that you'll be able to take your idea from keeping-you-up-at-night to a living and breathing thing, finally.

Here's the agenda for the workshop:

Quick introduction

A demo of Glide and its capabilities

A hands-on workshop where you'll build a mini project

Q&A session with Sebastian

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