Building a Design System with Sketch

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Building Design System with Sketch | The Product Folks

​In this workshop, we’ll show you how to create, manage and organize a Sketch library. A library can be used in your projects or as the foundation for your Design System. A Design System establishes a common language: a repeatable and reliable structure that everybody in your team can use whenever they are designing or building something. A Design System also speeds up your decision-making process and can help your team ship products and websites faster.

​About Speakers

​Francesco Bertocci, Designer / Design Advocate & Ambassador @Sketch Francesco is a strategic designer, with a passion for people, interactivity, design, and productivity. He's lived and worked in Rome, Milan, and New York City where he's been living since 2004. He's a Design Advocate and an Ambassador at Sketch. Over the past 20 years he's worked at large and small agencies, startups, and corporations as Creative Director and Product Designer. He has trained teams and helped them make sure they can be as efficient as possible. He also runs the Design & Prototype Meetup in NYC. You can connect with him at

​Matteo Gratton, Designer / Design Advocate @Sketch Matteo is a Design Advocate at Sketch, after being VP, Experience Designer at Barclays Corporate Banking, and heading Design at Midas Consoles (Music Tribe) for 4 years. Matteo has a passion for technology and the arts, in particular music, visual arts, and literature. He's been very interested in and working on Design Systems and has been motivated to search for new and better ways to design and develop IT projects – focusing on B2B, enterprise, and very specialized professional projects – for a while. Matteo likes to define himself as an agnostic designer. Hates big words but has to use them as keeping everyone on the same page is key.



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