Reimagining Sleep: Journey of Casper

Launching in 2014 and going public in 2019 is no mean feat. In this blog, we cover Casper - a D2C brand that just didn’t achieve this hyper-growth but also disrupted the way brands think about their customers.

Casper is a pioneer in disrupting the decades-old experience of shopping for mattresses, where touch and feel of the product is important and which typically involves going to multiple stores before making the final purchase. Casper differs from traditional mattress brands with its simplified product mix (there are three models priced for customers with different budgets) and a modern and millennial-friendly online shop. Also ignorance from local retailers due to the small scale of Casper early on, played a benefit for them at the start of their journey, a part which is often the trickiest for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands.

Here are 10 things Casper did to make their brand a truly “dreamy” (pun intended) one -

  • Delightful customer support: It’s not just smaller wait times, Casper took a leap ahead by enabling bedtime stories on a dial of "3" - an experience that will truly delight a customer
  • Exciting and relevant offers: (Use it for 40 days, if you didn't like you can return it and no questions will be asked by the team)
  • Prioritizing comfort of the customer: Made sure the product
  • Reducing the buying experience friction: Reducing the frictions of buying experience by giving the product at much lower price and best in quality experience
  • Impressive landing page experience: Exclusive experience by founder himself chatting
  • Hiring the right set of the 1st hires: Surrounding with the right set of the people hence the 1st hire were people from the hotel and coming from the best in class hospitality experience who have worked in the hotels. Very empathetic to the customers
  • Creating a “Happiness” budget : "Customers problem is our problem" and creating a happiness budget for the teams to make these decisions giving budget to the customer success team instead of Marketing.
  • Keeping the human touch with customers: In the age of bots and automation casper made sure the customer experience always involves human touch. They know resonate with the customer is the most important thing to do
  • Quirky yet attractive brand messaging: Always be a little quirky with the messaging which your customers can resonate with rather big statements
  • Unconventional sales strategy: Mid funnel conversion optimisation: Instead of focusing on the top of the funnel the strategy was to convert people who are in the mid of the funnel and then optimising the conversion

Want to know more about Casper’s journey from 0 to IPO? Tune in to the insightful fireside chat between Neil (founder of Casper) and Soiab (founder of Plaza), held exclusively at the Brands Decoded 2020 event.

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