ChatGPT for Slack - Cut yourself some Slack with AI Automation

It is a busy Tuesday afternoon, and you have three back-to-back meetings (2 of them could've been emails, but what can you do, right?). You return to your desk 2 hours later to find each slack channel filled with 150+ messages. What's your first reaction? 

💩😭, right? We'd feel the same too. 

But what would you say if we told you there was a magic trick that could help you summarize Slack channel conversations, help fast-track searching through slack messages, and help draft messages to co-workers or, better yet, bosses?

Presenting 'ChatGPT for Slack'

OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, and Salesforce, Slack's parent company, have collaborated to build the ChatGPT model on the slack platform. 

ChatGPT will be one of 2600 currently available integrations within the Slack ecosystem, but there is merit in believing that it could be the most game-changing. 

Senior leaders and tech evangelists believe that Generative AI has the potential to significantly shift the paradigms of customer experience, data consolidation, and operational efficiency across the board. The integration of Slack and ChatGPT could further augment their opinions. Here's why. 

With the ChatGPT and Slack integration, customers can: 

  • Get caught up faster:  AI-powered conversation summaries help users quickly catch up on all official (or personal *wink*) conversations.
  • Find answers at warp speed: AI-powered research tools will help users learn and build knowledge faster from Slack. All the best practices, documents, and knowledge base on Slack are readily available through ChatGPT.
  • Writing redefined: Users can communicate with customers and teams in minutes. ChatGPT will help with crafting replies, status updates, and meeting minutes. Less time writing, more time strategizing or coding or planning, or just about anything else. 

This scenario effectively means you don't have to exit the slack app(maybe ever) to find what you're looking for. This massive integrative capability of the generative AI model could profoundly disrupt collaboration, transparency, and decision-making.

How does the ChatGPT and Slack integration work? 

Before we tell you how the integration works and how the app can be accessed within Slack, it is important to know that the ChatGPT for Slack app is currently in beta, and for you to explore this use case, you have to join the (looooooong) waitlist. You can register for the waitlist here

Now, let's get into the actual integration. According to Slack's latest social media update, users can access the ChatGPT API on the apps section to the left, right below the #Channels section. 

Once you are given access to the waitlist, the API should become available for you to use within the Slack ecosystem and can be downloaded and integrated into your Slack workspace from there. 

The potential of ChatGPT within the Slack world is limitless: 

The following section comprises predictions based on Slack's and ChatGPT's capabilities. 

For thousands of organizations, big and small, local and global, Slack is 'where work happens,' literally. Slack has enabled inclusive communication across departments, boosted employee engagement, and made huddling easy. With ChatGPT, these capabilities could be bolstered further to create a new wave of workplace communication automation. 

Here are a few use cases: 

  1. Language Translation for Remote Teams: With ChatGPT's NLP competency, global remote teams can converse confidently in their native languages and yet be understood by everybody, contextually and literally. That would be a game-changer for teams offering fully-remote positions and functions that depend on cross-functional collaboration. 
  2. Personalization is inevitable: As ChatGPT's ML models learn with each interaction, creating personalizations within the Slack ecosystem to tailor-make messages to colleagues, partners, and clients will inform the new wave of workplace communication. 
  3. Knowledge management: Slack is the melting pot of contextual information from across verticals, apps, dashboards, and more. ChatGPT could provide a revolutionary knowledge management model hosted within Slack. Think Atlassian, Asana, and Slack together. *Mindblown*
  4. Virtual assistants - Can Slack take the powers of calendly, zapier, and hiver? With ChatGPT, the possibility isn't far-fetched. It can book appointments, provide summaries, and send emails. It is certainly possible. 

While this is a short list, the opportunities for Slack and ChatGPT to find synergies are huge. Salesforce would look forward to exploring more use cases within their enterprise solutions, such as Marketing Cloud, Customer Cloud, and Sales Cloud. 

It is an interesting period with organizations commissioning OpenAI to build org-specific ChatGPT. It will be exciting to see what the future holds and who will emerge victorious in this AI race. 

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