Vikrama Dhiman

Career Milestones

Building products since 2002, Product Manager since 2008, Hired again by 3/7 organisations I've worked with.

Worked at

  • Directi
  • Airtel
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Zeta
  • Sheroes
  • Hike
  • Gojek
  • Wiziq
  • Wynk

Organization and You

Gojek is a great organisation to work with - excellent people across different functions -> engineering, research, UX, marketing, strategy, operations. You learn so much everyday. It is like being in a university with some of the best practitioners (who are also your teachers). That always aligns with your growth - short-term and long-term :)

Core Competencies

My elixir is working with strong engineering and UX teams. Although I've been a Product Leader for several years now, I always work on a product directly with a small team. Taking abstract concept to completion, finding PM fit, growing it and creating structures for managing growth and beyond - that's what is the most exciting. Lean software development, co-creating products with small teams, creating beautiful user experiences and developing product leaders - those are areas I enjoy and invest in the most.

Go to food for thought

Stratechery is perhaps the best in terms of consistent quality of content. I don't subscribe to any other newsletter. Time is precious and you can pull content from your social media circles better.

Favorite Products

For me, the most important thing is the care you show beyond the 80th percentile (forgotten areas, areas no one cares about) and how you address plenty of use cases as your product keeps growing. That's what separates the really user centric teams from the average. I love how consistently good Swiggy is - even in areas which are taken for granted in other places (like Adding your Address for instance or Live tracking!). I also love Google Maps, it is one of Google's products that has so far avoided bloatware and integrated myriad use cases seamlessly - looks like a team that pays extreme attention to detail. Among the products I've worked at @Zeta and @Gojek Transport v3 and GoTransit are my favorites. They help remove friction from users lives in a beautiful unobtrusive way.

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