Venkatraman RM

Career Milestones

Driving GMV of around 1 billion USD for PayPal, finding product market fit for 5 products and growing them 12X in an year, scaling a startup 7x in an year.

Organization and You

At bounce we solve for mobility problems in Indian context. Mobility is one of the reasons that keep people away from achieving their dreams. Giving the freedom of movement to fellow citizens, I think is a great way to contribute back to the society.

Core Competencies

  • Building great teams and setting up the right culture.
  • Scaling products.

Go to food for thought


  • Lean Startup
  • Sprint
  • Decode and Conquer
  • Design of everyday things
  • Don't make me think
  • Crossing the Chasm

Favorite Products

Google maps has been a great companion for more than a decade (even before the smartphone era). With real time traffic info, its very powerful to manage your daily needs.

Another app is reddit - great place to get quality and relevant content.

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community