Ujjwal Trivedi

Career Milestones

As a developer worked on Urbanspoon and Mixologist - some of the most famous apps in the world. Managed India's top Coupon's aggregator and cashback site at CouponDunia - got 5M users to register. Won top product award in Connected & Intelligence category for financial inclusion product at Artoo. Bringing sanity to world's largest office commute platform at MoveInSync.

Organization and You

MoveInSync is working to solve a very Real and very Hard problem. reducing risk and cost of employee transport for corporates and bringing predictability to office commute for office goers. Shared mobility is the future essential for sustainable cities - so it aligns with my personal goal of working on a high Impact product. A typical day at MiS involves creating, managing, killing ideas, triaging new problems and white-boarding solutions while coaching and learning with an awesome bunch of people in product and engineering team.

Core Competencies

Ability to understand the pain and motivation of users and customers, Ability to communicate well with all stakeholders speaking different languages

Go to food for thought

Seth Godin's blog, FarnamStreet, IVM Podcasts Books: Non designer's design book, Great Mental Models, Badass: Making Users Awesome, Predictably Irrational, Crossing the chasm, Crucial Conversations, Story, Bhagavad Geeta.

Favorite Products

  • Gmail - how it integrates all communication needs
  • Whatsapp - for my mom gets it
  • Kindle - for its terrific experience.
  • Also love Chrome, Browserstack and LinkedIn

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