Toshi Prakash

Career Milestones

Building 4 market disruptive products in a space as untouched and difficult, as logistic optimisation in 4 years. Seeing them succeed across industries, across 100+ different business models and in over 10 countries, gives me the biggest high.

Organization and You

Core Competencies

User empathy and effective user flow design - Persona analysis be it user, buyer, marketer or any other stakeholder, is the core that drives me. I love putting myself in their shoes and building for every human interacting with the product. I also enjoy defining MSP / MVP, it's value proposition and positioning in the market. I have a long-term vision, so almost all the time, the product flowchart for the next few years is laid out in my head. Nothing excites me more than the blank slate that a problem offers, to build and to solve.

Go to food for thought

  • "First Round Review" for everything on leadership and org-building.
  • "Design of everyday things" for basics of design and user experience.
  • "How will you measure your Life" by Clayton M. Christensen

Favorite Products

  • "Paper by Dropbox" for the sheer simplicity of document creation. Spend the least amount of time formatting and everything still comes out perfect.
  • "Notion" for personal notes
  • "Whimsical" for quick diagramming and wire-framing.
  • "Spotify" for knowing my music taste better than me.

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