Tejas Vyas

Career Milestones

Joined BigBasket a month and half into inception. A founding employee on the Tech/Product side at BB. Before BB, was at a startup where as the CTO launched Epic Browser which was India's first home grown browser which received widespread publicity (2010). Also launched NewsDrink for the US market which was a Google-group+reddit equivalent for the US market in 2009

Organization and You

I have been an intrapreneur since Day 1 of BigBasket. It is solving a huge problem and is the only one in the space to cover the entire stack aptly called farm-to-fork.What gives me the kick is that I am able to add value to the Indian ecosystem by bringing farmers to the forefront in the food chain, opening up thousands of jobs to pickers and delivery personnel and ultimately benefiting a busy consumer who can easily buy their weekly groceries within a minute. The impact is what makes it worth.

Core Competencies

Hard to answer but here you go.

  • Getting a quantifiable Why for building something.
  • Using #1, ruthless prioritization.
  • Succinctly connecting all the pieces and getting to the best ROI approach (design, stakeholder-buyin, evangelizing, operational efficacy, technical simplicity)

Go to food for thought

Product Leadership by Martin Eriksson et. al. has been a good resource to really understand the nuances of Product Management. Product Management imbibes a lot of leadership principles and the book provides a great intersection to understanding finer aspects of the job

Favorite Products

  • Whatsapp -- for its sheer simplicity
  • Netflix -- robust tech
  • GPay -- fun

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