Taruna Manchanda

Career Milestones

Launching my first ever product (PushCrew) and taking it from an idea to a million-dollar ARR product is less than a year! This was also my first PM stint.

Organization and You

As you move up the product management and leadership ladder, you realize that to be successful you need only 4 key skills - (a) taking the right decisions, (b) asking the right questions, (c) being able to put forth your thoughts/ideas assertively & crisply (in both written and verbal communication), and (d) ability to understand the people you work with - their motivations, what they consider incentives, and what excites them.

As you move from a junior role to a senior role, or from small startups to a global MNC as big as LinkedIn, all these skills become all the more important for you to succeed. I'm really excited to be working with LinkedIn as I am getting the global exposure and tons of opportunities to hone all these necessary leadership traits. Being a part of the international product team, I get to build products for a global audience at scale. Sitting here in Bangalore, at this stage of my career, I don't think I could have asked for more.

Core Competencies

  • Customer empathy
  • Story-telling
  • UX

Go to food for thought

My advise always is to find your sources, read everything up till you know your level and your baseline and then move up. :) Someone's recommendations are always based on where they are in the journey and shouldn't ideally be taken as-is. Start with basics (Google search - Product Management books/blogs/podcasts). Work your way up.

Favorite Products

  • WhatsApp -- (for its simplicity - hardest to achieve in products)
  • Tinder & Hinge -- (the UX and design thinking gone into building these apps is immediately evident, but both these products are crazy smart)
  • Medium -- (for being able to maintain consistent, excellent quality on a content platform)

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community