Career Milestones

Two that I consider special because they've in a way led to every other good thing I've managed to do or learn:

  • Co-founding and running a satire publication, 'News That Matters Not' in my undergrad years, building and working with an awesome 200+ member team to eventually take it to 70k monthly readers organically. I think the experience of building something tangible early on, no matter how simple or niche, can be so instrumental.
  • My 2-year PM stint at EA Mobile where I got to work on my first set of million-user products and build vertical skills that would serve me for life.

Organization and You

Netflix will always be close to my heart. I haven't seen or heard of a company so radically transparent with its employees, or one that operates at such a precise intersection of technology and creativity. The freedom and responsibility that you end up inculcating here is a life-skill in itself.

I am part of the Creative Production team, where our focus is on innovative testing, scalable systems and world-class creative. In my role, I manage the launch of our Original Films from India on Netflix, ensuring the most seamless Product experience of our content for subscribers in 190+ countries and making sure that our content experiences reach members at the right time and the right moments with the right assets, and each title finds its unique audience. In doing so, I partner closely with every team that touches a film (and there's many of them!)... an experience that opened my eyes to just how much beautiful work goes into making every single Netflix Original.

Core Competencies

Finding order amidst chaos and operating at the intersection of creativity, data and strategy.

Go to food for thought

A good piece of creative literature. For inspiration and thought fodder, I prefer the abstract over the preachiness and directness of most business literature.

Favorite Products

AirPods, Netflix, Google Maps, Youtube in no particular order

Come For the Content
Stay For the Community