Shashank Mehta

Career Milestones

Single PM leading launch of 5 apps on Razorpay along with full rebranding in 2017. Launched MVP of Razorpay Capital which hit 100Mn disbursal rate in 4 months with zero NPA in 2019. Launched and scaled RazorpayX, a business neobank, which hit 3Bn USD annualised TPV in 8 months in 2019.

Organization and You

The ambition of Razorpay is crazy. It’s innovating on payments, creating new lending models and building a business neobank, all at the same time. I’m personally driven by impact of my work, and being able to re-imagine how businesses deal with finance is right up there.

Core Competencies

Product Strategy and problem solving. I have lead design teams and have been a coder, so I believe it gives me a unique position of being able to bring the trifecta (design, product, engineering) together to create magic.

Go to food for thought

Stratechery for understanding business strategy.

SVPG blogs for product management articles.

Favorite Products

Twitter: It’s changed completely how public communication works, for businesses, brands, government. And to think it was started as a “micro-blogging” site. This is mind-blowing.

Come For the Content
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