Roshan Prabhakar

Career Milestones

Taking the payments experience at Flipkart to a new level and building a bunch of industry first products on the way is something which I am always proud of

Organization and You

PayU is at the front and centre of solving payments for lakhs of Indian merchants and their consumers in the millions. One of the unique things about PayU is the opportunity to build for a wide variety of merchants - both the really large and the really small ones. Its totally different things that keep each of them awake at night and the opportunity to solve for all of them via a single platform at scale is immensely exciting.

Core Competencies

I believe data and first principles thinking are my core competencies. I am someone who believes in the power of data and the mysteries it can unlock - a major chunk of all my product ideas are a function of the hours spent pouring over metrics sheets :)

Go to food for thought

  • Stratechery
  • Design of Everyday Things
  • Inspired
  • Hooked
  • Sprint

Favorite Products

  • UPI - on showing how powerful a platform can be if you keep user experience at the core and work everything backwards to uphold the same. Its particularly heartening to see how a homegrown platform is turning out to be a global inspiration for building payment products
  • Whatsapp - for showing the power of keeping things simple and doing one thing well; Goodreads - well, there's a lot that can be done to make it better but it would be hypocrisy if I don't mention the first app I open everyday in my list of favourites :)

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